Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's The Final Countdown!

Today I'm going to list things that made 2009 awesome:

1. Casey Robert Fladager born 9-10-09

2. Watching the girls grow up and being mesmerized by their talents

3. BWFRX. "Big Wu Family Reunion Ten" and $5800 donation to Owatonna schools.

4. Trip to West Hollywood and playing on the House of Blues Stage in LA (and subsequently aimlessly and blissfully wandering around Hollywood at 3am).

5. Father's Day 2009 at Alpine Valley. Thank you Kristi!

6. Upgraded: gutters, water heater, refrigerator, new front steps, new living room colors

7. On a whim heading to Red Rocks for the last Phish show. Great drive with Brad and awesome adventure (and so-so Phish show).

8. A fairly decent attempt at staying healthy throughout the year. Gym. Exercise.

9. A nice family trip to South Dakota for Kristi's baby shower.

10. Lusten 2009

11. Guns N Roses Tribute show with God Johnson (and many more GJ shows...)

12. Big Wu in Aberdeen in May (best Wu show of the year..).

13. Rock Boat II and performing with Bernie Worrell.

14. Discovering the best spaghetti sauce in the Twin Cities (Yarusso's)

15. Receiving a nice bonus at work for keeping OT low.

16. Release of The MN Beatles Project Vol. 1.

17. Discovering great classical music like this

18. TherapyBlogging.

19. Suprise guest sit in from Jeff Austin on the Wed before Christmas.

20. DogSled Winter Vacation at Camp Menogyn, BWCA.

21. The Downtime Bar and Grill

22. The Fine Line Vega benefit

23. "A Night for Dean" at the Cabooze

24. Discovering the Suburban World theater.

25. Obamarama


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow, it's almost the end of 2009...we're really in the future now.

Things are afoot in Flad Manor. I think changes are in the wind. In addition to my work at Dakota Communities and Vega Productions, I think you may be looking at the talent buyer for the Suburban World Theater in Uptown. Finally got a call back from the owner who wants to meet on Saturday.

What a huge opportunity that would be. Transform Uptown Music Scene. Employ the counsel of people who've been successful at it? Asses the area. What kind of music is going to do well there? What kind of entertainment will do well there? The Uptown hipsters are gone as is the Uptown Bar and Grill. Let's birth a new scene down there. Pro-coordination is what it takes. Execute. Deliver. What if you romanticize this? I think there is a clue there. Enter into a loving relationship with your work and put in the passion. You will be successful.

I recently watched the entire series of this:

Kristi got me my favorite Twins jersey of all time. I am looking forward wearing it at the new Ballpark.

Today we had our work luncheon. Casey and I attended. He was a great kid the entire time. He got passed by the colleagues.

Tonight we have girls, piano and I'm going in to work to do the overnight.

I called my good buddy Taco who talent buys at the Cabooze. Mentioned I had this interview on Saturday. His piece of advice:

"Don't book any shows you like, they rarely do well."

Monday, December 28, 2009


This morning was an early riser. My staff called with a situation at work so I dashed outta here around 4:37am. Dealt with that and was back by 6am or so.

I find that my most productive time of the day is definitely very early in the morning. When I got back to the house I dove into all my paperwork and billpaying and all the while monitoring the "situation" at work.

Today I'm working on making spaghetti sauce with Casey. As previously mentioned, I love Yarusso's sauce. Their sauce is a step above Chef Boy-r-dee. I mean it's not bold and tangy like a Buca sauce or Prego or whatever. It's real tomato based and limited spices. I bought some plain ol' 28oz cans of Hunts Sauce. Plain. In a boiler pot I stirfried garlic, chopped onions, white pepper, olive oil, salt, and pepper. When the onions got soft, I stirred them into the sauce. I added about 1c of red wine to the sauce and 2 Tbsp olive oil (liberal with the olive oil). The thing that is missing is boiled and peeled fresh tomatoes. I think it's all about the fresh tomatoes and either straining the seeds or not. I don't see much taste difference in not straining. Right now it's on very low and simmering for about 4 hours. I'll make the meatballs later.

Casey has been recommended to be on tummy time at least 3x a day for 5-10min. He doesn't really care for tummy time. I also heard that if he sleeps on his back all the time he'll have a flat back-of-the-head. I think he's going to turn out just fine.

I bet Yolanda at the YMCA has been wondering where we have been? I hit the gym hard yesterday in West St. Paul. Did 1 hour cardio and full lifting cycle. I'm just caught up in cooking right now. (only an excuse).

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today was a great day.

Yesterday the girls came over and we had family Christmas at the house. Girls were excited to get their Rockband 2 for Wii. The two of them seem to want to see Dad shed a tear or two on Christmas. Last year they made us a Love Family painting with wild colors. We had it in our bedroom for the entire year. This year they decided to frame a poem.

Hold the bounty that's before you,
like a bird with a broken wing,
Or a life held by a string.
This gift you've been blessed with
shall surround you forever.
But acting against it shant gain more or less
for everyone and everything gets, gains and gives-->LOVE.

From your daughters Emma and Talia: Merry Christmas Family! Love is the very thing that keeps us a family. And it will be that way forever and ever!

Right, so yesterday we opened gifts and playing the Price Is Right Wii game with the whole family. We ate a fat ham and had scalloped potatos with extra Christmas music and games and fun and perfect. We all crashed out pretty early last night.

Today we got up early and had a ham and egg breakfast and played some more Wii. Talia and I then went out to Kristi's car which was snowed-in, in the back alleyway. We dug it out and drove it back around front.

I took the girls home and then went to the YMCA for an hour of cardio and some lifting.

Today I was thinking about how Twitter and Facebook and Blogger are essentially all "Diaries". I don't remember too many boys having diaries but these have 4-8 online diaries all laid out naked on the table for everyone to see. Since everyone has 5 diaries out on the table for the entire online community to view and comment on (depending on privacty settings), how is that going to affect us interpersonally in our communities? Let's say you are meeting up with new client who I already know everything I need to about them from LinkdIn or Facebook or their Blog... what kind of impacts will this have in the next ten years. This is what I was thinking about today in the parking lot of my local Bergren's SuperValue.

I love this smalltown grocery store in the heart of South Minneapolis Nokomis. We could drive just a mile or so down the way to MEGATarget, but why. We like the service and the nice folks who work there and it's really not that much of a difference. Yes, sometimes we got to ERNOMOTarget, but it's still important to support the local good guys. Skip Starbucks and check out the local coffee shop, Sister's Sludge (I am always hoping the coffee at Sister's Sludge taste betters than Caribou or Starbucks). This little coffee shop is run by three triplet sisters.

So, the rest of the day looks like homemade chicken pot pie and crab legs (only 9.99/lb at Bergren's!).

Also I have been thinking about resolutions for 2010. I am torn between "not putting toxins in my body for a year including all alcohol and bad food" and "begin MA pursuit" and "ReExamine, Reload, and ReEnergize".

I am Twitter buds with Tony Franklin. Famous Bass Player and legendary musician. He is virtually toxin free. His goal in 2010 is to go caffeine free and be done with it. I need to go in this direction. We should go one hour cardio in the morning and one hour after dinner. Headphones. Live Music. Everyday. The though of experimenting with this shift in lifestyle is something that intrigues me. I wonder what being in optimal health feels like. Only one way to find out right?

It was a great Christmas 2009. Lots of reminders about what life is all about.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas 2009

Woke up from a long winter's nap to the sound of scrrrape on the driveway of my parents house. My dad was outside shoveling snow. I quickly sprang from my bed, went down, and started helpin out. My dad is pro shoveling. He refuses to buy a snow plow in favor of the exercise. Good idea. Plus it enhances "you" being Minnesotan. I love that.

My mom, Kristi, and Casey are all in the kitchen getting ready for today's huge meal. My sisters and other family members are battling the weather to get here. We were expecting about a foot snow but instead got a few inches of ice rain. How fun to scrrrrape it off the driveway.

Andy Miller sent out his annual Confessions from Padre email and it was quite entertaining. I have to say he's a much better writer than I am. Very descriptive and colorful. He should start a daily blog in 2010. Big fan of blogs, twittering, facebook, and social media these days. Maybe I should look into RSS feeds next?

My parents always get a real tree. When we were kids my Dad would load up the Country Squire station wagon (wood trim of course) and head south of Hastings where we would hunt for the right spruce and chop it down. My Dad confessed last night he wanted to annually, and spacially, plant spruce trees one year apart for five years. Trees get more expensive every year.

Time for more coffee.

(8:26pm) Back at the house. Was a great day with lots of family and good cheer. Mom and Dad got everyone this cool little JVC video cams. The kids all had a great time and we all ate way too much food. I will get back into exercise here for the next four days. I have been slacking and need to have enough energy for NYE.

Currently watching NFL on the computer. I have the speakers for the studio set up so the sound is perfect. The picture is HD. This is the future of television I think. The annoucers and commentators are dreadful. Actually this whole broadcast is terrible. Mostly people making comments and interviews with players and then maybe they will show a little football, then back to talking? What is this?

You can control everything from your laptop or device from your phone. Your TV. Your Phone. Anything. Information is instantaneous. What will be the reprocussions of all of this I wonder? Andy Miller knows.

My friend Mitch is calling. Mitch is a great vocalist. Probably the coolest vocalist all of us really know. Mitch and Alli. They got a cool thing goin on. Great example of a super great marriage.

I'm full of wine and bird now. This LIVE is awful.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Christmas Eve 2009

Last night it snowed about six inches. Got up early and shovelled. Really don't mind the shovel. I feel like a husky Minnesotan. Love my state and my city.

Casey is sleepin now. He's in his rockstar outfit. We have several.

We got the girls some great presents. They are in Wisconsin until Saturday.

Kristi and I got a new giant monolith refrigerator as part of our Christmas present to eachother. I think someday aliens will be hovering over our house in a flying saucer and beaming up our giant monolith refrigerator to the tune of Also Sprach Zarathustra. I can picture them assorting and studying various leftovers and deli meats, trying to understand human nutrition.

Today Marie suggested checking out the Magic Flute from Motzart so YouTube'd it. I'm still on my Artur Rubinstein kick. I love the black and white videos of just he and the piano in front of an all Russian audience as some Moscow theater. Performance. It's amazing that his mind works like that. I'm in awe of amazing piano players.

We are about to camp out at my parents for a few days. Tonight we'll enjoy the annual clam chowder, homemade cinnamon rolls and seven layer salad. Cream...whipping cream...half and half...butter....dough....

Hook me up to a feeding tube and I'll be set.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Grieg Arietta Op 12 No 1 Melody in F ......had to quickly turn on the blog to capture this one. Wow. About one minute of sweetness!

Could slept in later.

Feels like sesmic shifts in tetonic plates are happening right now. Vega is moving fast forward, blazing a new trail in non-profit sustainability. Still have yet to connect with the SubWorld guy. I think I have been overanxious with me emails to Don. Will leave him alone until after the holidays. I had a dream about working there as the talent buyer. Small office in the basement of the theater, booking great gigs in this fabulous venue. Would love to make it happen. Nobody said I wasn't overly ambitious. I seem to like to keep myself busy.

Found a couple pointsettia leaves on the floor. Yesterday Kristi said she has a hard time with Pointsettias. Did I mention how amazing our gardens look. She truly has the green thumb. And the shopping thumb thankfully.

Casey is doing great. Just the other day he looked like a little man more than a baby. He's very happy and content. "The best gift you can give to your kid is a happy childhood". This is a Paul Hagen quote. He's got some great advice and quotes. "Give the best you have to give because how much you'll never know.." "Grant me the serenity to dance with the things I cannot change". More about Paul someday. He's always Mr. Bright Side.

Yes, so maybe it's the end of the year and we look back and wonder if we accomplished everything we set out to do. For me personally it was a great year. I'll wait til 12-31 for the year end review but I have to argue it was tip top as far as my life goes. #1 spot. Who's up for knockin off the champ!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Well I cannot stop thinking about the Suburban World Theater in Uptown. With the Uptown Bar closing, that neighborhood needs a serious venue to showcase talent in the Twin Cities. I dream of being the Bill Graham of the SubWorld!

Today is going well. I picked up the girls with Casey and went to the YMCA to get in some swim time. After, we all drove to Sam's to get envelopes for the Xmas cards (these need to go out today!). Dropped off Emma to go sledding with her friends at Cornelia Elementary. Talia, Casey and I then went to Noodles-n-Company and Talia suprised me with a Curry Noodles. She went in and ordered lunch to go for us. She's growin up too!

While driving around we all listened to the MN Beatles Project vol. 1. The girls are big fans. Vega is already getting tons of inquiries about next year's Project. 2010 could be a very good year. If I can get this talent buyer position from the SubWorld, then Vega would have a venue in its back pocket. I think of getting SubWorld on Twitter, Facebook, and every social media outlet possible.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


I just got back from Sam's. Picked up the Christmas Photos to send off to friends and relatives. Picked up some other Santa items as well. Couple of lobster tails for tonight. What a great Sunday. Just hanging with Casey and Kristi and rehydrating from last night. Doin laundry. Being lazy.

Sam's wasn't too crazy or maybe I wasn't too irratable. Got the photos but forgot the envelops, or maybe th.... I hate that when that happens. I was bloggin about last night's show at and how I wanted to inquire about being a talent buyer for this venue. Dreams of weekly shows and weekend headline acts dancin in my head.....I wrote a good couple of paragraphs but, as it has happened before, I hit some button by error on the keyboard and it deleted 3/4th's of what I had written. Bugger.

I'll leave it at that. Looking forward to football, hydration, playing with Casey, and enjoying some lobster with Kristi.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Saturday morning at Flad manor which usually includes bacon and coffee and some form of egg. Today however, just coffee and something light. I've been eating up the leftover lasagne from the company xmas party so probably should get to the gym here soon.

Casey was in a bad mood this morning. I think he's extra constipated and needs relief. Right now he's napping. Hopefully that moves things along.

Tonight my friends in the Jones Gang are playing the Suburban World theater. Something tells me this is a great venue for this band. I'm also curious if it actually works as a local venue to maybe do an event. Our friend Bess at work just got out of heart surgery and is looking to do a benefit to pay for her Mayo billz.

Kristi is my superhero. She is out shopping at Target and Sam's Club on the weekend before Christmas. It must be madness out there. She got all of the Christmas shopping done and I'm very happy about this. Being around crowds of people grabbing things isn't fun for me. I think my Dad and I are about the same on this.

Today I will make it to the gym at some point! That is my goal. I have these new Sony ear buds that have great sound. Looking forward to using them. I find that earbuds don't last very long. The input jack either gets slightly bent and when you go to plug it in you only get one side of your ear or worse.. flip flopping sound between each ear.

The work Christmas Party was the best we've had in my four years at the company. Made 4 huge serving trays of food. 2 pan lasagne and 2 baked rotini. Went over very well. For an activity one of my staff read the Night Before Christmas aloud while we exchanged white elephant gifts everytime the word "THE" was read. Not all the lasagne got eaten so it's been sitting on the back porch in the cold air for a few days now. I've been eating mostly lasagne as I said before.

Well, we have the new giant monolith refrigerator in our small kitchen. It's huge, but it works. Let's see so far in 2009 we've got new gutters.....a new hot water front mancave music room. Upkeep on a house gets expensive.

Looking to refinance our mortgage. I wrote Bank of America, who currently holds both our mortgages, and said look, we taxpayers bailed your ass out of debt now it's time you do something for us homeowners! Not getting too worked up about it. We don't qualify for Obamaloans currently. BOA did get back with me and is looking at some available products.

I miss the girls a lot today. They are growing up so fast. Slow down and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's cold in here. It's -5 outside and these tiny drafts keep coming through the floorboards. Casey's stocking is hung high in the air. It's royal blue with a big gold "C". The Xmas tree has presents under it. Time keeps flying by. I thought it went fast when I was 30. You must be straight dizzy by the time you hit 60. Take more action and get it done. Like Chad Ochocinco says: "Be grate today!". (intentionally mispelled).

Last night I did the over night. I was really tired when I got there so falling asleep was easy. Woke up at around 545am and crawled back in to bed at home by 8. Had a McDonalds small milkshake last night. Couldn't stop it from happening.

Today again I'm not going to the gym. It's really cold out and while I could get Casey all bundled up and ready to do this...why. It's cozy here and we need to get cooking. We're making some of the main dishes for the holiday party tomorrow.

Grieg is just killer. I love me some Grieg. Check out: "Morning". You will recognize the melody.

Watching the CMT's the other night made me realize melody has totally disappeared in popular music. Ugh, it's so generic how can you even stand it.

It's been a great morning already. Getting a few things done and getting ready to cook massive quantities of food tomorrow. Also our refrigerator comes tomorrow. Hope this one fits. We are excited to stock it full of fresh and new items. A new A1 Steak Sauce. A new Mayonaisse!

Faure "Impromptu No.3 in A Flat major, Op. 34"

Today I got final approval on a work trip to Florida in March. Looking forward to it. Maybe write a book about it sometime. It would be a good story.

Monday, December 14, 2009


It's cold outside today. There is about 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground.

Today we all got up pretty early. I fell asleep about 830pm so I was up around 5am or so just laying there.

Casey was in a great mood this morning just laughing and smiling away. Took his morning nap, then had a big bottle of boobie smoothie before crashing out for late morning nap.

Great weekend. Saturday we threw down the Vega Christmas Party at the Downtime. Nicholas was there throwin down mad piano grooves to kick it off, followed by carolers Jill/Mitch/and yours truly. Really great family vibe with some people singin a long. Then my favorite new band in the Twin Cities "Soap" threw down huge. Seriously check these guys out. They realize that audiences want to be entertained. Great frontman in Ross Taylor on bass. Great guitar playing by Erich "(Air-Reicht!)...totally solid set. Sat in for a tune that felt great. Hopefully they ask me to sit in again sometime and I'll prepare more. They did a killer cover of Michael Jacksons "Man in the Mirror". Brilliant!

This Wed is the Christmas Party at work and I'm making four trays of hot food. Caeser salad and so on. A big thank you to the staff and all the volunteers who've been with us over the years. Going to pick up the girls and bring down the whole family.

Vikings won against my Twitter buddy Chad Ochocinco's team the Bengals. Ocho got smacked hard by Cedric Griffen. He score a touchdown and said he was going to steal "Ragnar's" sword. He never did.

Casey is just waking up to some Rossini. "Tancredi/Overture". He's a hungry man today. Kristi said he was pretty hungry last night too.

DVORAK "Humoresque in CFlat Maj Op. 101 No. 7"

Scott Bacon took our 2009 Christmas Photos. Check it:

It feels like the floorboards aren't ask squeaker if we keep the humidifyer going. I'm going to give the bathroom a huge cleaning here. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom. Usually find an old tee shirt that needs to be replaced and turn it into a Comet rag. No fooling around with mops or swiffers, you have to get on your hands and knees and just scrub like mad...floors, everywhere. Basically you attack and conquer.

Great, I just flooded the bathroom. Got all caught up talking to my friend Tom Collins about launching that I forgot I was fillin the tub with bleach and water. Good thing: the bathroom is very clean now.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today we woke up after sleepin in a little later. Casey only got up once last night.

Went and met with Vega crew at the Marriot to scope out the plan for New Year's Eve with Solid Gold. Looks solid. Venue holds about 2,000. Should be a rager.

I got a mega amount of Christmas shopping done down at City Center. Stopped by the Downtime to drop of gear for tonight's Vega show.

Came back home and had a couple beers and rehersed a ton of Christmas carols.

Now just chill time before heading out for the night. Should be a great evening.

Tomorrow we'll hit up the YMCA and get that cranked up for a few days.

Ad Naseum.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I just shoveled a path from my back steps to the alley so I could take out the trash.

We are currently refrigerator-less. All our perishables are on the back breezeway. Kristi is actually at MOA Sears right now (nauseating) having one delivered here.

A lot of people are glad it is Friday today myself included. This week has been way to full of drama. Refrigerators not fitting through doors. Cars being towed. Suprise you work the night shift last night. Kristi, Casey, and I all took a trip to the impound lot.

Kristi dropped us off. There was a heated canopy just outside the front door. The city built because the lines were long yesterday. We zipped in and out of there pretty quick. Casey and I sat in the car while it defrosted. He didn't seem to mind.

Headed for the bank for more funds for Xmas and maybe some holiday spirits.

Wow, just watched the Obama speech to the Nobel Peace Prize committee in Oslo. Brilliant.

Also...I am a huge fan of LANG LANG. Played a tune by Lizst that shredded me in a million little pieces. Here it is:

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today Casey is three months old. I just took a few pictures of him for a photo opportunity at Moore Talent Agency. Casey does a few modeling shoots and he's well on his way to college tuition. Only by the time he's 18, college will be only for wealthy people. I can't believe how much tuition is these days. You want a strong nation of educated people...ease up on the tuition costs geez!

I've been slacking at the gym. It's just too cold out (-5 this morning) and I don't like being out in the bitter cold with Casey. As I read that again it sounds like an excuse, but today I'm stayin home. We are having a new refrigerator delivered today and I gotta be here.

Tonight I'm suppose to speak at a Town Hall forum on not cutting funds for disability services. I'm a bit nervous but the people need to be heard and I've been asked to speak. So we'll see how this goes.

Chopin Ballade Op 53 in AFlat Major. Wow. Vladamir Horowitz playing Chopin at Carnegie Hall...amazing:

Wow, it's 340 in the afternoon and I can't believe all the drama that has happened between 2 and now. Refrigerator came, took off all the doors to house tried to fit it in...just would not go. Meanwhile, my staff from work came and I donated our old refrigerator. I gave the guys 20 bucks I felt so bad they tried to get in the house. Now, we have no old refrigerator, no new refrigerator, and a house that is completely messed up. Plus my car was towed this morning. Usually all this would have me pretty steamed but I'm tried to roll with it just to see what happens next. Just paused and fed Casey. Now, he's happy and nappy. I need about 20 minutes to sit before I put this house back together and figure out how to get a fridge in here ASAP. The food will be fine, it's all outside on the porch where it's cold. How quickly can I get a fridge here.


I was just thinking about these pics of Casey that are going to a talent agency right now and how maybe they'll get in a local ad for something and before you know it Casey is in the movies and living it up. Just goes to show you it's worth sticking around to find out what happens next. Even in the midst of cars being towed and refrigerators not fitting through the door and the clutter and the straightening and the mess and the clean up.

I'm so curious to see what happens next.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wow, I thought I was going to be blogging in daily. Life throws you a few twists and turns and all of a sudden you find yourself having to pro coordinate.

Casey was getting a bit cranky there and we figured out he must be teething poor little guy. Kristi brought home some rings for him to chew on. He's really figuring out how to work his arms and hands. Clenching and gripping. Sometimes he'll stare at his arm while he holds it in the air. Just completely fascincated. Wonder why we adults can't become transfixed by limb movements? Humans are so overstimulated.

Had some medical issues at work which required more pro-coordinating. Runnin Casey over to the Jessops while transporting people from here to there, relaying intellegence to team members, managing multiple tasks and figuring out how to get in a drum lesson for Talia. My crackberry keeps me company.

So last night was the Minnesota Beatles Release party at First Avenue. This is Vega's first full length CD featuring local Minnesota Artists performing their favorite Beatles tunes. Some older Twin Cities rocker dude Curtiss A was performing all night doing his annual John Lennon tribute (yesterday was his birthday...and my sister's actually). I looked up Curtiss A and tried to figure out where he came from. Legend has it the night John Lennon was murdered, Curtiss A stormed into First Avenue and kicked off whatever band was playing and ended up doing an all Lennon show which continues to this day. 30 years later. He's kind of a nut. Glamming up the stage for attention. Big white John Daly hair and sunglasses. They sounded pretty good actually doing tons and tons of Beatles tunes.

A few of our Vega artists that appeared on the album performed last night. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles did Sexy Sadie. I love this band and their singer. People in the Cities should treasure this band. Romantica did a cool version of Something. I think The Feelin Band stole the night with their version of Across the Universe. Smart interpretation by Dylan Nau and incredibly original vocals by Nicholas. I stopped everything I was doing last night and got close and hear this song through the Mains. They really put a new spin on the song that works.

I had an okay time. Went by myself. Wore this nice blazer jacket and felt a little out of place. Most of the people there were 40-60 and acting like they never go out anymore. I'm sure many conversations started with, "You know Bob and I never got out anymore with the kids and all". All and all really proud of what Team Vega put together. I commented to Tim somewhere during Accross the Universe that just a few months ago this was just an idea.

Last night winter arrived in Minnesota. News stations were forewarning of us of the impending Snowmageddon which turned out to be a few inches of fluff and a lot of blowing of cold air. I swear it's as though the media wants to you believe you are in impending doom all the time. The more freeked out you are, the more you'll do what you are told. Whoever said that made a lot of sense.

I was so happy to learn Boof Bonser was dropped by the Twins yesterday. Just wanted to throw that out there. Trying not to look too forward to the season as we have a long winter in store. I've been meaning to put the 3M plastic window covers on here soon.

It's getting a wee bit drafty.

Tomorrow I have to speak at a Town Hall meeting at Powerhorn Park. Disibility services got whacked pretty good by Pawelenty last year. Need to make sure we get COLA increases for our employees, reimbursements, and so on. The price of milk goes way up yet our wages don't. A society will be best measured by how well it cares for it's people. Someone said that too a long time ago.

I need to get back on the gym track too. Didn't go yesterday and surely not going today. Tomorrow we'll hit it fresh, then come back and write the 3minute speech of my life.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Welcome to Monday. I didn't blog in once over the weekend as we were movin and groovin, getting gifts, writing songs called "Aliens from Space" with Talia, and so on.

Saturday was really fun. Kristi and I started with a bottle of cab after dinner. Later, I went out and saw Apollo Cobra, Deep Sea Summit, and Mark Joseph Project at the Cabooze. Came back at 1am and Kristi was still up so we had a few beers and hung out like old times.

Back when we were dating we used to go to Rudolph's and have martinis made by a guy named "Sideburns". Kristi just lived in the apartment across the street so we'd mosey over there at barclose.

Someone said the other day, 'Once you start living your life as a series of little adventures your story will write itself' or something like this.

Listening to some Handel right now. Not a huge fan of Handel so far.

Wow, today was definitely a Monday. Casey and I left for the gym and when I arrived in the parking lot I discovered I had left my gym bag at home. Had the diaper bag. Gah. So drove back home, picked it up, and then went back. Coulda been real easy to not go at all, but made it...did about 40 minutes of cardo and some light strength training. Casey and I drove to the Red Cross and we had lunch. Marie is in France so I couldn't make any wise cracks today.

Great, I'm currently getting email from Valley Middle School about a "hispanic male" who was driving a Pontiac Grand Prix and approached a younger male student and offered a ride. One thing that totally irritates me (a bit of an irritating day today) is how criminals get such tiny punishments for the crimes they commit. Especially any crimes directed towards children and vulnerable people. In my opinion anyone who falls in to that category should be eridicated from the earth....or sent to live with other child molesters in the middle of Utah on a 10 square mile piece of desert. We need harsher penalties for crimes in my community. Also more cops please. I'll pay more for more cops and stricter sentencing laws.

Boy Casey was really cranky today. I'm not sure what is going on. I think he may get big gas bubbles inside of him. I'm sure digestion is hard for the little guy. Kristi commented the other day about how she feels her life is complete now. I feel the same. I can think of any other projects I would enjoy working on more than Casey.

Just got a message from my work. There is a man who is in a wheelchair and can't speak who uses a special "talker" for communicating. Last summer we programmed the talker with my voice so I say things like, "more coffee please", and "I'd like to rent a movie" or "thank you"...etc.. Just heard they upgraded the talker and they want me to add more voices. Someone uses my voice to talk.

Oh what a day already. Need to get back in the routine of things. I think today we all were operating at odd intervals.

CD of the Week: 12/07/2009 - Minnesota Beatle Project Volume I | The Current from Minnesota Public Radio

CD of the Week: 12/07/2009 - Minnesota Beatle Project Volume I The Current from Minnesota Public Radio

Friday, December 4, 2009


"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal" -Albert Pine Nice

I love that intellegent statements have all been made before, you just to re-quote. Re-Tweet. So, who wants to live on eternally? I'm not sure if I would like that or not actually. People are so concerned about living eternally. I mean, really do you really want to live eternally? I'm not sure I do. I think the world will have enough of me at some point. That is fine.

Today was an early riser. Didn't have time to eat until 3:30 in the afternoon. No gym today. Last night's weight in was depressing but we're over it. Hit it hard tomorrow.

Dropped Casey off at my Mom's. Thankful for my parents and being so close.

Ran to work. Got some people orientated. Coordinate 5 Visa Monthly Statements. Have a briefing with my senior staff. Coordinate some more. Work in the Evites for Christmas Party.

I got my haircut at Fantastic's Sam's from someone named Misty LeFountain-de Chevalrey. She said she worked there for 5 years and has two kids with her husband. She seemed irritated her husband hadn't gone out and bought the Christmas tree yet. She said she won't get a fake tree because she likes the smell of the real tree. He husband apparently has been in the garage fixing the three-wheeler. She talked about how they got a new ice-house that was actually an old camper trailor and they were gonna test 'er out on Lake Winnebigosh this winter. She said she only goes with her husband once each winter. The last time she went she was 8 months pregnant and they caught a lot of crappies. I asked if they have a lot of land for riding three wheelers. She said they live on a Frontage Road in St. Paul.

Also, before I got in the barber chair I was playing checkers with a young boy that was probably 4 or 5. Mom was under the hair dryer thing. He had no clue how to play checkers. Usually I don't engage in these kinds of situations but the kid wanted me to attempt to play I did.

First I showed him how to set up the board (didn't care). Next I showed him how each of the pieces has to move diagonally only (he didn't know what diagonally meant. Emma would know what diagonally meant at 5). Then I showed him how to jump and this is where he started caring about how to actually play the game. He was jumping from eight spaces away sometimes. Eh, no sense in trying to school this boy on checkers. I just let him jump all over the board. Soon enough if was my turn in the chair.

I think I like going to a new stylist/barber each time. You never know who you are going to get or what stuff they'll use in conversation. I think I'll make it a habit to NOT go to the same stylist for the rest of my life.

These days I ask for the #4 clippers all around and leave the top so it looks like I'm not losing my hair. Never works. Today I noticed a lot more greys floating down the barber bib. (hey, my grey hairs will blend in with the photo shoot tomorrow).

Read some fabulous reviews of the MN Beatles Project album we did at Vega. Chris Riemenschneider wrote a nice article in the Strib. The Duluth News wrote some good things about Two Of Us cover which myself, Dave Simonett, and others worked on at Pachodyrm studios. Real happy that all came together and looking forward to the CD Release Party at First Avenue on Tuesday. Mark is out distributing the CD's to outlets.

Tomorrow night Cari and Emma are coming to hang out with Casey while Kristi and I go check out some good friend's bands: Apollo Cobra and Deep Sea Summit.

During the day tomorrow the girls, Casey, Kristi and I are going to get the 2009 family photo shoot done. Our friend Scott Bacon is doing the shoot. We're all wearing different combinations of grey, white and black.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I woke up and decided to make poached eggs on Bay's english muffins. Usually I have just a piece of toast or something in the morning but I thought I need some protein if I was going to hit the gym. Back is still messed up but I am managing through it. Casey was in a great mood this morning all smiling and happy to be alive. He's learning that he actually has control of his arms and they aren't these appendages just randomly flailing around in the air. Wow...think of all the things he will need to be in control of as he gets older.

Chopin "Ballade No.2, Op. 38" (amazing).

Got to the gym and dang near did an hour of cardio plus weight training. Tonight is the weigh in at the Wellness Center. My partner and I started this Ways to Wellness Program about 8 weeks ago. Well, exactly eight weeks because it's the 8 week check in tonight. At the 4 week check in, my partner lost 9 pounds and a few inches and I didn't lose an ounce. Stayed exactly the same. She tried to console me with the "well you gained muscle" excuse. But I know I didn't live up to the challenges. Now that Casey is motivating me to go everyday, things are different.

So I can't let that happen again this time, I have gone from 244 to 216 before. I know I can do it. My weigh in was 238 on 11-5-09.

I have to see I know I feel better when I do the exercise. I know I function better when I'm in a good routine. Mostly I do it because life requires a lot more energy. I need to manufacture that energy so to be present for all the people in my life. If you value the people in your life, you should take care of yourself. Not only for you but for them. It seems like a selfish world out there but you can always find stories of people doing insurmountable tasks and stories of hope and triumph. What you choose to focus on becomes your world. (more bloggy armchair wisdom).

Tonight should be fun. I know I put in the work and so I expect results. Maybe tomorrow's blog should be a discussion about "expectations". I used to not have many expectations and in fact thought best avoided. Things change with age. Remember that.

830pm GAH Lost only two pounds. Tried to bitch about it but some how it didn't upload to the blog.....bottom line is now we'll just double the cardio. Simple. Two hours of cardio a day. Come and get me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today we got up nice and early, everyone happy and healthy and lively. Well, I coulda stayed in bed another hour but why when there is so much to get done.

Today we started the routine per usual. Casey is fed before mom leaves. Dad gets up and makes a huge pot of coffee. Casey naps. Dad hooks up computers to go online and work. Light Classical. Casey gets up at 10 or so. We play for one hour. At 11am he has a bottle and then we drive slowly to the YMCA on Blaisdell. By the time we get there he is usally drowsy or alseep. I check in and give my card to this lady who works there. We are still developing the friendship. (see the first time I went to this YMCA she checked my card but forgot to press the button that unlocks the gate that lets people pass through. So I went through it thinking no problem but instead got jammed in the jewels. She apologizes and then I go through but man, what a kicker. It was also my first time at the YMCA and so things weren't as familiar as they are now. It's fine).

Mendelssohn "Song Without Words in E-Flat Major Op.30, No.1" (as I write the blog I will be taking notes on classical music that catches my fancy. Again this blog is stream of consciousness. I have a hard time talking to people in person sometimes plus I'm somewhat of a narcissist so the blog is the perfect place to unleash and dump!)...that song killed me. Awesome. I think after a few months of this I'll make a cdr mix of these tunes. Need to increase knowledge of classical music. Red wine too.

So, today did an hour on the cardio machine and called it. Casey was great with Yolanda. We made it to the Red Cross by 1pm. Got the badge from Sharon at the front desk which has some device in it that unlocks the door to the Health and Safety Department. It's good to know my wife is helping ensure the health and safety of the Twin Cities community. Hundreds of organizations use the Red Cross for educating their workforces on cpr...first aid...defibriolation....someone saved someone out there.

Looking up the definition of narcissism: Narcissism refers to the personality trait of self-esteem, which includes the set of character traits concerned with self-image ego. The terms narcissism, narcissistic, and narcissist are often used as pejoratives, denoting vanity, conceit, egotism or simple selfishness. Freud believed that some narcissism is an essential part of all of us from birth.[1] Andrew P. Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.[2]
While most people possess some degree of narcissistic traits, higher levels of narcissism can be dysfunctional, and may be classified as pathologies such as narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism.
So how do you know when you've crossed the line and it's become a pathology?
I suppose it's a good guess.
Tonight Cymatic plays the Cabooze and I really love this band and what they are doing. I think I'll go down for a bit and hang out and see what's up. Had a really fun time back on the 25th playin with those guys.
I remember hanging out with Jeff Austin backstage and we were discussing the merits and downfalls of intimately knowing your bandmates. I mean think about it. Even if every bone in your body doesn't want to go up and try and musical make something happen with these people, you have no choice you have to do it. You spend hours and hours together in tightly closed quarters then out in front of a huge audience. It's some crazy social experiment and grand adventure. They should do a reality show called Tour Funk. Make the cameras ride along in tour buses of semi-successful bands and see what really goes on. People love to watch what really goes on.
At the same time you can make some great music if you have that kind of intimacy with others. Risk and reward. Beyond good and evil. Be thankful you get to do this work. Like Chad Ochocinco says every morning:
"Whatever you do today, make sure you do it with all your best"
Ernesto Halffter
"Habanera", Danzas Fantasticas: Dances of Spain. Mirian Conti, piano. So awesome.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello December.

Did the overnight last night at work and maybe got 4 hours sleep. Came home around 730 and sacked out for an hour or so. Now, up and unsuprisingly unmotivated to go to the Y, however we shall push through and make it happen. I'm now following Chad Ochocinco on Twitter as I mentioned. Today he wants everyone to be the best at what they tackle. Chad claims he is going to be the best "McDonald's eater" today. I will not challenge this in anyway. I can't think of the last time I went to wait.... about a month ago I grabbed a milkshake and cheeseburger before heading in to do the overnight shift. FAIL.

Last night we made a healthy shrimp stirfry, brown rice and a fillet of Yellowfina tuna (steamed).

So far today's classical music selection included some Rossini. Rossini wrote over 36 operas in his lifetime. What have I done today? hmm...

Casey and I are going to get ready here and go to the gym. Girls are comin for dinner tonight. I'm so happy to see them. Piano lessons after dinner.

Get to the gym a little late tonight and chatted with Yolanda for a bit. Pretty full house. Casey slept the whole time.

Today I chose Judge Joe Brown. I think we all wish the judicial system actually worked like TV Judge shows.

After fitness, I went back to the showers. I really love the Blaisdell YMCA but unfortunately there are only six showers in the +18 mens room. Everyday, you have no idea who's going to be showering in this tiny room. This used to bother me but I really don't care anymore. The shower pressure is high and the water is hot. The only thing that sucks about this is when some guy who just got done killing 300 pounds at the bench comes in and starts vocalizing his emotions in regard to how awesome be the showers. Every once in a while you hear some dude saying, "Oh MAN!" or "YES! That's what I need!" or worse, the ones who just make mumbling, grunting noises of delight as the hot water hits their scalp at 90mph.

Casey and I hopped in the car and drove to the Red Cross a little later today. Casey has been great all day today if I didn't mention it. No crying. Just smiling and dozing off and eating and smiling and dozing off and soiling himself...not a care in the world. Sometimes I wonder if I just walked down to Nicollet Mall and sat down and just started not saying a word, smiling in the air and pooping myself what would eventually happen? Someone would have to care at some point. Probably wind up at the mental hospital. (the cradle just ran out of batteries).

Midori is such a great violinist. Mental note.

Also, Massenet's Thais Meditation with Yo Yo Ma on cello is in my top 5.

I love Chopin but really have been really engaged with Grieg lately. His Lyric Pieces Opt. 54 n.4.

Met up with mom with lunches and Casey had a huge boobie smoothie. Every time I go there I have to think of something funny to say with Marie. (I pretend Marie is Kristi's secretary even though she really is not anything close to that. I'm not sure what she does but it's not secretary to my wife. I have that job.) Sometimes I'll say, "Marie, there is a brown Audi parked in my parking space. Call a tow truck and have it removed IMMEDIATELY". Marie has the best come back lines too. She will say, "Who would buy a brown Audi?".

Tonight is Hormel Bourbon Pork Roll. The girls love to dine on the swine. Who can blame them.

Another day in paradise.

Ya know I have this fun thing I say about Brenden Bayliss from Umphrey's McGahee. Okay, the dude massively shreds on guitar and he sings like a bird and writes cool tunes and ladies love this guy for some reason....anyway... A long time ago, at one of the Big Wu Family Reunion's he showed me some of his secret fingering techniques (this was after he finsihed polishing Jake's guitars) Told me to "watch tv while you go up and down your fretboard and do this every day". So I tried these techniques while watching Dr. Phil,and you know what happened? Carp Ld4 Ligament strain. Bad for about a year. Never played the same again. I mean I love that guy but seriously his fingering techniques ruined my career. I want a cagematch. Seriously, cage! Full wrestling attire. Fence. Mask on Bayliss! ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Vic Theater for charity. LETS DO THIS!

Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow, it's December tomorrow already....where does the time really go?

Casey and I got back in to the weekday routine today. We're dubbing Monday's "Coastal Seafood Market" Day. Coastal on 26th and Minnehaha has great fresh fish and I get daily specials Twitter'd to me. 20% off shrimp today. I like going in there and checking out all the great looking fillets. Reminds me of Japan.

My back is still messed up but I'm pushing through it anyway. Did another hour of cardio. Weigh in is Thursday.

I'm currently planning a few events. Saturday Dec 12 Vega is having a Christmas Party at the Downtime. Inviting any musician who has been part of Vega' breakthrough year to come down and jam and enjoy in the merriment. Then January 7-10 we're packing up the family and heading to our annual Lutsen get away. The resort puts up the bands in fabulous lodging and free skiing for the weekend. It's totally fun. We're rooming with the Sinclair's and their little boy Oliver. I remember many of the Wu/GJ shows at Poppa Charlie's over the years. The Wu shows especially got pretty crazy as tons of fans would take over the hill and the resort. People have a lot of great stories I'm sure they are still telling or not telling.

Also, Valentine's Day (Feb 13 actually) GJ has the Cabooze and we're in the process of thinking of what to do with the evening. Usually on Valentine's we pick a famous album and try to play it all the way through. I think over the year's we've done Sgt. Pepper, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, and Rolling Stones. Not sure about this year...yet. I think Jason Shannon would do a great job handling Bruce Springsteen or Clapton. I think John Heinen would do a fantastic Paul McCartney. People tossed around the idea of having Mitch do something more heavy metal. I like these themed event shows so much. I think GJ plays best when we have a good two months between shows. Hard for me to believe we did it almost 5 years every Wednesday. Hard for me to believe everything that has happened between 22-38. 16 years of trying a lot of things and learning for myself.

Again where does all this time go? The perceived increase of time is directly related to the amount of time actually left *(more Fladager armchair wisdom...or soapbox...or whatever you wanna call it. I call it preachy when left alone too long). The end seems to be coming quicker and quicker right? This is by no means a morbid though but one of encouragement and motivation. You are only going to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Get er' done. There's only so much time.

Which is to say one shouldn't be obsessed about how fast time goes's important to relish in every little moment while you can.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today we slept in a bit then I ran to work and hit the gym hard. Another hour of cardio. Weighing in on Thursday.

We made a great pot roast for dinner tonight.

Vikings won big.

Just kinda getting ready for the week ahead. Not much to report tonight.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today I woke up around 11am to Emma and Kristi cooing and playing with Casey, trying to get him to talk. He's getting pretty good at echoing "hi" and "Oh!". Kristi is off for tanning and Emma is back home after being with us for two days. My gosh she is getting to be a young lady. She is a very great big sister and leader of all the Jessop/Fladager offspring.

Yesterday I worked most of the morning scrambling to get a new computer for the house where I work. Reorganized a lot of the closets with my great staff and spent some time catching up on work stuff. Drove home around 3 and Kristi, Casey, and I all went to the YMCA. I did 40 minutes cardio and hit the sauna and hot tub. The girls swam mostly. Something is all messed up in my back again. It's like it was maybe 3 years ago. Once I'm up and walking around I don't noticed it but getting out of a car or anything where I'm really trying to get out of seated position is very difficult. Not sure what is going on there, but after years of dealing with this I've come to find the answer is always EXERCISE. In fact I truly believe that the answer to pretty much every question is EXERCISE: "I'm bored what should I do?" Exercise. "I'm tired" Exercise. "My back hurts." Exercise. When I get on my soap box I say that it's all about Mind-Body-Spirit. If one of those is outta whack you have to work on it. If your spirit is a mess, work on the body. Mind is a mess? Then work on the Spirit. Exercise seems to be the vehicle for balance.

Last night after the gym we all went out for Mexican food and FINALLY discovered a really good Mexican restaurant, in part thanks to a recommendation by our friend Kevin Dorsey. I have to tell my Dad about this place because he's been searching for the golden fleece of chile rellenos for many years now. Pancho Villas on Nicollet and 26th is what I'm talkin about. They have the really authentic stuff that will stare back at you while you eat it. They also have Mexican/American items. Great chips. Apparently on your birthday, your first SIX drinks are free. Anyway, the food was great and we told the manager that it's the best mexican restaurante we've been to in Minneapolis and we would return.

Last night Emma and I fiddled downstairs in the man cave with tracking her singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". By the time I figured out what I was doing in Ableton, we decided to watch "Best in Show" on OnDemand. Love that movie.

So this morning Kristi is starting off with a tanning session at Cabana Tan. Emma is back to mom's. Casey is napping and I am blogging in.

Emma went and bought some coffee for us at Sister's Sludge. I love the shop, I love the triplets who own and operate the bistro, but I still have yet to say...hey, this is the best coffee. We've tried everything from there and the only reason I go there is the say howdy to the neighbors and maybe amp up with a triple espresso.

Ok so ended up hitting the gym hard and getting ready for a work trip to South Beach today. Had a nice wheat pasta pesto dinner before watching the annual National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Didn't quite make it to end. Wound up cleaning the basement studio and getting things hooked up for chorus practice tomorrow.

Got somethings done today. Back still messed up but working on it. Weigh in is Thursday at 6pm. I haven't checked it out since I was 238 at last weigh in. So we'll see.

It's Fat Club.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Today we had Thanksgiving dinner in Red Wing. Red Wing is the picture perfect location for a Thanksgiving and my Aunt and Uncles home is the picture perfect Thanksgiving home. The only thing that has changed since I was a kid is the amount of booze and the number of kids. Both seem to increase with every passing year. This year we were suprised to find the old 13" color Zenith TV was replaced with a new 20in flatscreen. That would be a picture gain of seven inches.

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is go into the small boiler pot on the back of the stove and steal away the turkey heart and livers. I don't like the gizzards and neck. Too tough to eat. The heart is just right and I enjoy eating it and hearing it snap in my mouth. The livers are too delicious to even talk about when you flake them with a fork and then blend into the stuffing. Not the leftover stuffing in the corningware....the carcass stuffing. I ate frivolously. Figure I went to the gym 13 of 15 days there I can stuff myself at 2 in the afternoon. Of course all the adults sat at the big long table and the kids sat in TV room. The kids sneak cookies all night and jewelled wine carafes continue to be refilled. Great family time. Casey was just perfect. I think most of my relatives like to rag it up a bit and talk about health care policy and Pawlenty's unallottments and how if you work in Ramsey county it's like working for LaFamilia. I tend to be quiet during these times partially to just absorb in the family time and interact with the kids and partially because the night before is usually a rock show night.

...and what a night it was. Jeff Austin actually texted me that he would be in town and had his mando and wanted to sit in. Pretty much was more icing on 2009 as a landmark year. Great to play with GJ again and have a nice house and lotsa family there. Good energy. Probably too much tequila.

Hangover plus turkey livers, gravy and mashed potato equals nigh night time.

Tomorrow gym and work hard.

Another day in Paradise.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Today the ARC of Hennepin Country "Blue" truck came by and took away of ton of my old clothes. Of course I didn't remember they were coming so when I saw the truck I ran and started shoving all kinds of faded blue sweaters and grey pullovers that don't fit and maybe have a bleach stain, and other stuff I wore another size ago. Size. There is a good name for a song, "Size".

Couldn't sleep last night so I watched some Sissy Spacik movie called "In The Bedroom" and not soon after drifted off. Did anyone else besides me and Jim Carrey see Devon Hestor's pants get pulled down in slow motion on SNF? (I tweet with Jim Carrey. He still has not tweeted back at me as of yet but I think he will someday...or maybe I just think people like Jim Carrey should know me. Bears look terrible by the way).

Woke up pretty early and got the coffee going and computers hooked up.

Did another hour of cardio at the gym. Still the goal. Hour a day and eat normal. After a couple weeks here the back is feeling better and I definitely feel better. Today I think I'm over the sickness. Yolanda is helping me with my Spanish. I thought "llueve" was cry but that means "rain". "llorar". If you have a little bit of Spanish in you your'll recognize just how hard it is to say "llorar". Now say it five times.

Casey got up briefly from afternoon nap. He may have had some kind of bad dream. This morning he had good dreams as he was cooing in the cradle. The lamb mobile spinning around.

Tonight I'm going to be back to the overnight shift. Tomorrow is the Program Dept meeting.

Trying to figure out some flac files.

Oh yeah, stopped at Coastal Market for some fresh fish. Casey and I picked up some marlin and a nice ahi steak. Looking forward to that tonight. We steam fish. Sounds gross but it's pretty good if you drench it all in wasabi and soy sauce after it's done. Brown rice. Nice.

Joe Mauer won the 2009 American League MVP just moments ago. Another nice moment that is now great history.

Still enjoying the light classical station. Getting tired of Vivaldi horns and usually it's Arthur Rubenstein playing the piano pieces. People like Arthur Rubenstein amaze the hell out of me. The difference between them and everyone else is effort. You put in the time and effort and you'll be like Arthur Rubenstein or anyone you admire. If you want it, you have to go make it happen. Nobody else except you can make it happen. If you want to quit smoking, just quit smoking. If you want to play piano like Arthur Rubenstein go make it happen!

I keep thinking that this blog is going to be a nice record for the kids. All stream of thought. I'm not gonna edit anything. You know how amazing you are. You can take 26 odd looking shapes like "Q" and " X" and "S" and arrange them in order to make words which make sentences and books and blogs and doctrines and novels. It's good to be easily amazed.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Great Sunday today. Got to sleep in with Casey in between Kristi and I on the big fluffy comforter bed. Heaven!

Went and kicked some arse at work today. Got a great new staff orientated. Man, I'm still feeling like I gotta hack up a large bowl of mucous pudding. Hopefully before Wednesday. Excited about Wednesday. Really wanna do a nice Roses are Free for Destiny and maybe bring back Let Em' In. Just reconnected with Brent Branvold. Childhood friend of the family since we were kids. Invited him to the show on Wednesday. Really looking forward to that show. Did I mention?

Kristi is visiting her brothers with Casey so now I have some time to rehearse. Life is good.

One hour cardio tomorrow? We shall see. Never surrender.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday I didnt' blog in. I was feeling pretty sick. Called in to work and my amazing staff had it covered. I'm having a really interesting employment situation at work that I'm not going to get into.

Casey and I just got through the day yesterday. Kristi came home and we all went out to Target to get some things for the weekend at Target. Casey got pretty cranky at Target so Kristi went out to the car and I finished the shopping. My lungs feel like they are 5lb dumbbells. Trying this Mucinex and hoping it works like the little green cartoon characters on the commercial where they pack up their things and move out. So far this morning it's been working. Hacking up these adoreable lung oysters into our porcelin sink in the bathroom. Ounce by ounce we'll get rid of this crud.

Today Kristi's brothers are in town and while the thought of spending more than four hours at the MOA right before the holidays sounds like a great time (ack), I'm going to spend the day at the YMCA. Maybe sauna/hot tub too. Kristi's brothers are in town for the Vikings game tomorrow. They are going to see Casey at the same time. We are trying to rally everyone to go to Buca in St. Paul tonight. We'll have to see.

Casey had a bath this morning and is all ready for nap. I'm pounding coffee in hopes of going to the gym really soon.... I'm going....really....

On Dec Sat Dec 12 we we are having the Vega Christmas Party at the Downtime in Minneapolis. We will be having a listening party for the MN BEATLES PROJECT vol 1, holiday cheer, The Feelin' and hopefully Pistol Whippin Party Penguins. My hope is that Jill, Mitch, me, and Scott Roerick will dress up in drag and sing about 1/2 hour of Christmas carols. Affordable entertainment and good cheer. Really would love to do something acapella with those four. They are all such great singers.

I keep thinking this blog will make a good book for the kids when they get older. Hopefully I will keep it going and going. I also think of it as good therapy. I know I get self-absorbed. Count how many times my blog sentences have the word "I" in them....this is mildly annoying. But the blog helps. Here I can dump stream of consciousness. It's an honest record of events.


Today I went to the gym while Kristi is at MOA with Casey and her brothers. Did 90-min on cardio and some lifting. By far the biggest cardio day yet. I really wanna get to one hour of cardio everyday. Exercise cures everything: fatigue, weight loss, depression, insomnia, obesity, diabetes...any number of health risks. The gym is the answer to boredom.

I'm going to head into work for a while to help out. Some folks want to go to Sat night church so I'll help get dinner ready while they do that. After, I'm going to meet up with Kristi and her Brothers and we'll see if we end up at Buca. Something tells me no. This morning when I woke up I told myself, "Don't press the Buca idea too much because it's likely going the other way". I'm going to stop thinking about it now. Just sounds like a good idea.... shush!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Woke up in a pretty great mood today. Had some kind of hack developing but it's not too bad (yet). Hopefully I don't get the sickness. Kristi was getting ready for work. Damn she looks good for just having a baby. Bounced right back.

Casey and I just had tubby time after mom left for The Red Cross. Got the water just the right temperature. He loves tubby time. Making all his "Coo", "Gah", "hi", sounds. I like it so much. He's getting to be a big little man.

We've now resigned to our classical music and naptime before feeding and off to the YMCA. I love this light classical station especially the Motzart Piano Concertos and the Chopin Etudes. Sometimes we switch back and forth between "light" classical and classical "Masterpieces". We need to go see more orchestra music.

Today, I have an important work meeting at 230 so Casey will go to Jessops day care for a couple hours. Emma comes home from school at 3pm. She's a great babysitter. Did I mention Emma's report card??? Wow, All "A's" and one "B+". Couldn't be more proud of the Ichiban daughter. She is the first, the eldest and a great big sister to all her siblings. The other night we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate this report card. She's almost 12, but reminds me of 14. Don't grow up to fast. Please.

Emma and I talked about Robert Pattenson and New Moon. She's read these books a dozen times over. Man, I wish I could read like her!

Casey did great at the day care. Emma got to watch him and feed him until I got back at 4pm. We are so lucky to have great older sisters and Jessops day care.

Today we listened to mostly light classical but switched over to Soundscapes for the afternoon. Mom is out with coworkers. All is well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What is today? Wednesday?

Interesting day today. Started off pretty good, got Casey fed and made it to the Y again. Checked in with work. Unfoiling drama. Got laptops sat up. Made some coffee. I get really picky about the coffee I drink. If I'm opening a new bag of Starbuck's coffee (yes it's Starbucks....believe me I've tried all the Peace Coffee and Earth Grown Blends and I've come to the conclusion it's either the Hawaian Kona my parents bring me when they go to Kauai every year or it's this Starbucks Italian Roast. People tell me I need organic espresso beans if you want a good cup of coffee. still searching). I coordinate it as best I can to have him totally fed at 10:30am then out the door right away thinking he'll sleep for Yolanda.

This wellness kick I will lay off a lot of stuff but I can't seem to lay off the cream in the coffee. If I go to the gym this entire week I can have the cream.

I cleaned up the basement while Casey was napping. Moved some boxes and storage bins to the garage and moved some from the garage back in the house. Back and forth. Looks good though.

Really digging this Ableton Program. Have a few songs in the works. I really wanna do Bird on a Wing and have Kristi sing it. Got the bass and drums laid in nice right now.

Casey was great today. Did lots of laughing and I would sound out the letter "O" and he would echo back "oh". We say "hi" and sometimes he will say "hi" back. Seems like his hair is changing color. Seems like he changes a tweak everyday.

I wish I could speak more about my job but confidentiality doesn't permit. Looks like I may be picking up another overnight shift. Doesn't matter. I get stuff done that way. Honestly, I love the job I have right now and I'm grateful for the referrel back in 2005. Going to be four years this February. Really love the people I work with. I respect they choose to do the work they do. They are very talented people and could be doing any number of jobs, but they choose to do this work. I think it demands attention but then again maybe not.

We aren't all here by accident.

Tomorrow will be another day of becoming more coordinated. Learning how to focus. Communicating. Learning to control yourself and relax. Everything will be just fine.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am a pro coordinator. That is what I do. I coordinate stuff. I coordinate pick up and drop offs. I coordinate when to take the milk out of the freezer to thaw before 10:15am feeding. I coordinate my showers. Life appears simpler the more coordinated you can be. Not like coordinated in high school basketball, which I was not. I barely scored. I wanted to be good but I needed more internal motivation. Didn't care about competition sports. Tennis was alright I guess.

Casey and I had another great day. Got home from doing the overnight at work. Coordinated. Got mom off a little earlier today. Light Classical. Check. Chopin Etude of the Day? No. 28. Check. Notebook computers coordinated? Check. Gym bag packed (forgot towel). check!

Saw Yolanda at the YMCA and thanked her again. I think they need a tip jar. Forgo policy that is some hard work they do down there.

Flipped through Judge Joe Brown, Judge Joe Mathis, and settled on Judge Alex. The time on the machine goes by.

Trying to figure out what to do on Sat Dec 12th for a night at the Downtime?

Looking forward to an evening dinner with my daughter in celebration of a great report card. Wow.

Kids amaze me all the time. I think I learn just as much from them as from adults. Maybe all you wanted as a child was to be an older adult and all you want as an adult is not to forget you are still a child.

Monday, November 16, 2009


We all got up pretty early today. About 6am. Made some coffee and went to work thinking I had a Department Meeting but it had been moved to next Tuesday. I did some work at the office before stopping at Bergren's for a few lunch items for Kristi. Casey had a giant blowout this morning and so we had a bath before getting ready to go to the Y. Did another 40 minute of cardio and some crunches. I want to go everyday and at least do cardio. That is my goal.

Tonight it's back to work for the overnight. Looking forward to it actually. It's quiet there and I get a lot of work done.

I just signed up for Tomorrow (Tues. Nov 17) any gift you give through will be matched. You can direct you gifts just search Dakota Communities or Vega Productions and you can direct you dollars there. Pretty awesome idea! So easy to give and I imagine there will be other days where matching funds can be donated. Awesome.

Another great day. Just rollin with the new changes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Had a great night's rest. I think Casey got up only once. Made some eggs and then hit the Y pretty hard. Drove to Valley Natural Foods. I don't buy a lot of stuff there and I probably should, but I really like org cranberry juice. Had a mediocre lunch at Chili's, arf, and got home to watch the Vikes we have a mango crusted pork roll and cinnamon sweet potatos going in the oven. Almost went to the Y twice today. Not much else to report. Just getting ready for the week.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night was a success but unfortunately Kristi couldn't make it out because a virus got her. She's feelin better today.

Ended up at Tim's for a bit after the show checking on the Minnesota Beatle Project CD. Great tracks and really amazing it all came together. Mark is a pro-coordinator. Lucy Michelle and the Lapels are my favorite track. She kills Sexy Sadie from The White Album. The Solid Gold "Norweigian Wood" track is also fantastic.

The Dean Benefit was a huge succeses. We raised just shy of 6K. It was a fun show all around. Alpha Consumer is another fine example of the talent in Minneapolis. Awesome. Dean's son Duggan got on stage and said hi from Dean. Lots of his cd's got sold too.

This morning woke up early and met Mark and Tim at Anthem Mastering in St. Paul.

Otherwise quiet day at home.

Friday, November 13, 2009


The funniest joke that apparently has been around for a long time and yet I just found out about it is....

"What does a lead guitar player in a rock band use for contraception?"

"His personality".

Bitterly true folks.

Speaking of guitar players, today is for Dean Magraw. Local music community is coming together tonight at the Cabooze to help out our friend Dean who's been having a rough go at it lately. Looking forward to checking out Alpha Consumer and Jason Shannon Band. Awesome.
Hopefully tomorrow Paul and I can run over and hand Dean off a check.

Today Mom stayed home sick with what is likely some form of the sickness. Casey and I headed to Kennelly and some of the staff passed him around. I did a partial interview with a prospective employmee with Casey in my arms. Probably a strange interview for her. Later we met up with Mom, Maureen, and Cindy and Lucy at The Bonfire Grill in Eagan for lunch. Service was bad. Taco salad was weak..and eveyrthing overpriced. The only thing saving the restaurant was the positive cheery conversation going between our table. I think we brought in buisiness.

I ran home after lunch with Casey in tow. Tossed on my gym clothes and had one of those realizations. I love Judge Judy so much and I need to work out so...heading to the YMCA at 4pm in time to watch a full hour while on the Elliptical. Now I have myself, Casey and Judge Judy all collaborating on success.

Got back home and Kristi was sick so I notified the fellas I'd be late and got some chicken soup and stuff from Bergren's. I love our local grocery store. I like giving the kids tips when they haul out your bags.

Made the soup. Got ready for the show and realized I didn't blog in today. So there it is... I'll check back later on tonight when I get home....this may get interesting.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Why does our cat Leonard, insist on broadcasting the cat litter outside of his box?

Today was another great day. Today I thought that I finally grew up.

You know, things ain't so hard. Like Yolanda. She works the kid care in the basement of the Blaisdell YMCA. She and her co-assistants take care of all these strange people's kids. Mom's trying to get out of their mom jeans drop the tikes off one after the other. Right before heading up to the gym they each take a squirt of hand sanitizer for extra protection from the sickness. Now I'm on my fourth day in a row of gym thanks to my personal trainer and life motivator, Casey. He doesn't ask much for his services. He knows we can only motivate ourselves.

Yes kidz, a dangerous dangerous viral predator has reared it's ugly face. Everyone panic and protect yourself. Went to the 2month yesterday where Casey was shot full of polio, hepatitus, and array of other organisms. Time to build up the immunity for future viral pests. The staff who checked us in at the gate forgot to notify pediatrics that we had arrived (she was leaving at 4pm and so I think she wanted out of there, can't say I blame her) So we waited for about 45 minutes before the nurse asked if we had an appointment.

Casey slept in my arms in the chair and during that 45 minutes I noticed a number of things. One little girl had her sickness mask on and was coughing about every 3.5 seconds. She kept taking her mask off and mom would say, "Lucy, pull up your mask!" The little girl would kiss the glass on the fish tank. The fish in the tank seemed much safer in their enviroment. Less virouses...maybe greater immunity. I think about how many of the infected tots lathered their tongues all over that fish tank. Sharing their sick?

Off topic I remember last night watching so...many...Cialis.....commercials. How many boys watching the World series staring at a man telling them how erectile dysfunction has affected their sex lives and how having an erection lasting longer that 4 hours requires immediate trip to the ER for deflation. At least young boys know what to expect when they are unable to erect.

I like my 3-5 time at home when Casey is napping. I make green tea and clean the house. Get the dinner already. Like I said yesterday, I may have been born to be a housewife.

I think I figured out what blogging is. Stream of consciousness.

Baby is crying. Mom's bringing home True Thai. It doesn't get any better than this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Another great day...that's day 3 at the gym thanks to my trainer and motivator CFlad.

Got vaccinated for H1N1 today. Thank god I have a job. Well, my wife does and her insurance is better than mine. It's sad that today is Vet's Day and 1 million American veterans don't have health insurance.

Dr. Berry is our pediatrition and I like him a lot. Dry humor and very professorial.

Today I thought if all the celebrities in Hollywood hate the poporattzi so much, why don't they all start making stuff up when asked for juicy gossip? I would.

MN Beatles Project vol 1 gets mastered tonight. Sweet. Wish I could make it.

Looking forward to playin with GJ on Friday

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

Casey is 2 months old today. I like my new work schedule because it's quiet in the middle of the night and I can get a lot of things done, plus it frees up my days to be with my son. I just have this sneakin suspicion out of all the relationships in my life, this one is going to be the most defining and important. I can't wait to spend time with him everday. I love being domestic and having the house cleaned up and dinner on for when Kristi gets home. Yesterday I was asking myself, "Maybe what you wanted to be when you grew up was a "home-maker". I think it may be true.

Again, more gym time today. Made some picture collages for relatives. Updated the Flickr and continued working on

Friday's Big Wu Dean Magraw benefit show will be my last show with the band. It's funny how much I loved that band but I fail in trying to navigate the various personalities. I think back to 2000-2001 when we were firing on all cylinders and blowing people away at the first Bonnaroo. Actually, yesterday there was an email from a guy in Florida named Octavia who just heard Break of Day for the first time (13 years after it first came out). He was blown away by the sound, the words and the vibe.

Man, I loved that band and the people who supported us.

I'm twittering with Jim Carrey now.

Honestly I look forward to the gym tomorrow. The new Blaisdell YMCA is awesome. I remember when it looked like an old elementary school building from old times; and probably had a hell of a rowing machine. Casey makes me go to the Y everyday which is cool. I dig my new job.

This wine is average.

Looking forward to recording Bird on a Wing with Kristi. I think that is by far the best Wu song ever written. Miller nails it. Great chord changes. The bridge is damn near holy. The lyrics make Celine Dion cry they are so good. Al's lapsteel solo soars then the song aches you on towards the final chorus (different than the previous choruses). Bravo Miller! I will contact Taylor Swift to see if she'll give it a rip.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

Today Casey and I spent our first day getting used to the routine. We had a bath at 8am and relaxed listening to Light Classical Music on the station. We had breakfast and then went to the YMCA on Blaisdell. I dropped Casey off with Yolando and Co. at the Kids Care before doing 30 minutes cardio and some lifting.

After the YMCA we drove to the Red Cross for milking and feeding. I teased Marie about her being jealous of my white Reebok Mr. Rogers shoes. Kristi, Casey and I dined and enjoyed lunch until 1pm. Casey and I then drove and picked up some Ahi Tuna for dinner at Coastal Seafoods.

Casey and I had a 3pm snack and cleaned up the house and got ready for mom to come home.

We ate dinner and relaxed. Then I had to go work the overnight at my job.