Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wow, I thought I was going to be blogging in daily. Life throws you a few twists and turns and all of a sudden you find yourself having to pro coordinate.

Casey was getting a bit cranky there and we figured out he must be teething poor little guy. Kristi brought home some rings for him to chew on. He's really figuring out how to work his arms and hands. Clenching and gripping. Sometimes he'll stare at his arm while he holds it in the air. Just completely fascincated. Wonder why we adults can't become transfixed by limb movements? Humans are so overstimulated.

Had some medical issues at work which required more pro-coordinating. Runnin Casey over to the Jessops while transporting people from here to there, relaying intellegence to team members, managing multiple tasks and figuring out how to get in a drum lesson for Talia. My crackberry keeps me company.

So last night was the Minnesota Beatles Release party at First Avenue. This is Vega's first full length CD featuring local Minnesota Artists performing their favorite Beatles tunes. Some older Twin Cities rocker dude Curtiss A was performing all night doing his annual John Lennon tribute (yesterday was his birthday...and my sister's actually). I looked up Curtiss A and tried to figure out where he came from. Legend has it the night John Lennon was murdered, Curtiss A stormed into First Avenue and kicked off whatever band was playing and ended up doing an all Lennon show which continues to this day. 30 years later. He's kind of a nut. Glamming up the stage for attention. Big white John Daly hair and sunglasses. They sounded pretty good actually doing tons and tons of Beatles tunes.

A few of our Vega artists that appeared on the album performed last night. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles did Sexy Sadie. I love this band and their singer. People in the Cities should treasure this band. Romantica did a cool version of Something. I think The Feelin Band stole the night with their version of Across the Universe. Smart interpretation by Dylan Nau and incredibly original vocals by Nicholas. I stopped everything I was doing last night and got close and hear this song through the Mains. They really put a new spin on the song that works.

I had an okay time. Went by myself. Wore this nice blazer jacket and felt a little out of place. Most of the people there were 40-60 and acting like they never go out anymore. I'm sure many conversations started with, "You know Bob and I never got out anymore with the kids and all". All and all really proud of what Team Vega put together. I commented to Tim somewhere during Accross the Universe that just a few months ago this was just an idea.

Last night winter arrived in Minnesota. News stations were forewarning of us of the impending Snowmageddon which turned out to be a few inches of fluff and a lot of blowing of cold air. I swear it's as though the media wants to you believe you are in impending doom all the time. The more freeked out you are, the more you'll do what you are told. Whoever said that made a lot of sense.

I was so happy to learn Boof Bonser was dropped by the Twins yesterday. Just wanted to throw that out there. Trying not to look too forward to the season as we have a long winter in store. I've been meaning to put the 3M plastic window covers on here soon.

It's getting a wee bit drafty.

Tomorrow I have to speak at a Town Hall meeting at Powerhorn Park. Disibility services got whacked pretty good by Pawelenty last year. Need to make sure we get COLA increases for our employees, reimbursements, and so on. The price of milk goes way up yet our wages don't. A society will be best measured by how well it cares for it's people. Someone said that too a long time ago.

I need to get back on the gym track too. Didn't go yesterday and surely not going today. Tomorrow we'll hit it fresh, then come back and write the 3minute speech of my life.