Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday I didnt' blog in. I was feeling pretty sick. Called in to work and my amazing staff had it covered. I'm having a really interesting employment situation at work that I'm not going to get into.

Casey and I just got through the day yesterday. Kristi came home and we all went out to Target to get some things for the weekend at Target. Casey got pretty cranky at Target so Kristi went out to the car and I finished the shopping. My lungs feel like they are 5lb dumbbells. Trying this Mucinex and hoping it works like the little green cartoon characters on the commercial where they pack up their things and move out. So far this morning it's been working. Hacking up these adoreable lung oysters into our porcelin sink in the bathroom. Ounce by ounce we'll get rid of this crud.

Today Kristi's brothers are in town and while the thought of spending more than four hours at the MOA right before the holidays sounds like a great time (ack), I'm going to spend the day at the YMCA. Maybe sauna/hot tub too. Kristi's brothers are in town for the Vikings game tomorrow. They are going to see Casey at the same time. We are trying to rally everyone to go to Buca in St. Paul tonight. We'll have to see.

Casey had a bath this morning and is all ready for nap. I'm pounding coffee in hopes of going to the gym really soon.... I'm going....really....

On Dec Sat Dec 12 we we are having the Vega Christmas Party at the Downtime in Minneapolis. We will be having a listening party for the MN BEATLES PROJECT vol 1, holiday cheer, The Feelin' and hopefully Pistol Whippin Party Penguins. My hope is that Jill, Mitch, me, and Scott Roerick will dress up in drag and sing about 1/2 hour of Christmas carols. Affordable entertainment and good cheer. Really would love to do something acapella with those four. They are all such great singers.

I keep thinking this blog will make a good book for the kids when they get older. Hopefully I will keep it going and going. I also think of it as good therapy. I know I get self-absorbed. Count how many times my blog sentences have the word "I" in them....this is mildly annoying. But the blog helps. Here I can dump stream of consciousness. It's an honest record of events.


Today I went to the gym while Kristi is at MOA with Casey and her brothers. Did 90-min on cardio and some lifting. By far the biggest cardio day yet. I really wanna get to one hour of cardio everyday. Exercise cures everything: fatigue, weight loss, depression, insomnia, obesity, diabetes...any number of health risks. The gym is the answer to boredom.

I'm going to head into work for a while to help out. Some folks want to go to Sat night church so I'll help get dinner ready while they do that. After, I'm going to meet up with Kristi and her Brothers and we'll see if we end up at Buca. Something tells me no. This morning when I woke up I told myself, "Don't press the Buca idea too much because it's likely going the other way". I'm going to stop thinking about it now. Just sounds like a good idea.... shush!