Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hello December.

Did the overnight last night at work and maybe got 4 hours sleep. Came home around 730 and sacked out for an hour or so. Now, up and unsuprisingly unmotivated to go to the Y, however we shall push through and make it happen. I'm now following Chad Ochocinco on Twitter as I mentioned. Today he wants everyone to be the best at what they tackle. Chad claims he is going to be the best "McDonald's eater" today. I will not challenge this in anyway. I can't think of the last time I went to McDonalds...no wait.... about a month ago I grabbed a milkshake and cheeseburger before heading in to do the overnight shift. FAIL.

Last night we made a healthy shrimp stirfry, brown rice and a fillet of Yellowfina tuna (steamed).

So far today's classical music selection included some Rossini. Rossini wrote over 36 operas in his lifetime. What have I done today? hmm...

Casey and I are going to get ready here and go to the gym. Girls are comin for dinner tonight. I'm so happy to see them. Piano lessons after dinner.

Get to the gym a little late tonight and chatted with Yolanda for a bit. Pretty full house. Casey slept the whole time.

Today I chose Judge Joe Brown. I think we all wish the judicial system actually worked like TV Judge shows.

After fitness, I went back to the showers. I really love the Blaisdell YMCA but unfortunately there are only six showers in the +18 mens room. Everyday, you have no idea who's going to be showering in this tiny room. This used to bother me but I really don't care anymore. The shower pressure is high and the water is hot. The only thing that sucks about this is when some guy who just got done killing 300 pounds at the bench comes in and starts vocalizing his emotions in regard to how awesome be the showers. Every once in a while you hear some dude saying, "Oh MAN!" or "YES! That's what I need!" or worse, the ones who just make mumbling, grunting noises of delight as the hot water hits their scalp at 90mph.

Casey and I hopped in the car and drove to the Red Cross a little later today. Casey has been great all day today if I didn't mention it. No crying. Just smiling and dozing off and eating and smiling and dozing off and soiling himself...not a care in the world. Sometimes I wonder if I just walked down to Nicollet Mall and sat down and just started not saying a word, smiling in the air and pooping myself what would eventually happen? Someone would have to care at some point. Probably wind up at the mental hospital. (the cradle just ran out of batteries).

Midori is such a great violinist. Mental note.

Also, Massenet's Thais Meditation with Yo Yo Ma on cello is in my top 5.

I love Chopin but really have been really engaged with Grieg lately. His Lyric Pieces Opt. 54 n.4.

Met up with mom with lunches and Casey had a huge boobie smoothie. Every time I go there I have to think of something funny to say with Marie. (I pretend Marie is Kristi's secretary even though she really is not anything close to that. I'm not sure what she does but it's not secretary to my wife. I have that job.) Sometimes I'll say, "Marie, there is a brown Audi parked in my parking space. Call a tow truck and have it removed IMMEDIATELY". Marie has the best come back lines too. She will say, "Who would buy a brown Audi?".

Tonight is Hormel Bourbon Pork Roll. The girls love to dine on the swine. Who can blame them.

Another day in paradise.

Ya know I have this fun thing I say about Brenden Bayliss from Umphrey's McGahee. Okay, the dude massively shreds on guitar and he sings like a bird and writes cool tunes and ladies love this guy for some reason....anyway... A long time ago, at one of the Big Wu Family Reunion's he showed me some of his secret fingering techniques (this was after he finsihed polishing Jake's guitars) Told me to "watch tv while you go up and down your fretboard and do this every day". So I tried these techniques while watching Dr. Phil,and you know what happened? Carp Ld4 Ligament strain. Bad for about a year. Never played the same again. I mean I love that guy but seriously his fingering techniques ruined my career. I want a cagematch. Seriously, cage! Full wrestling attire. Fence. Mask on Bayliss! ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Vic Theater for charity. LETS DO THIS!