Tuesday, May 11, 2010


..so i'm on my way back from the State Capitol at around 1pm on a rainy Tuesday...driving along Lake Nokomis on Cedar, and what do I see? Mpls Parks Worker WATERING trees in the rain.

Normally I would just drive by and say, "ah, another lazy city employee".

I went to Japan once. You should see how fast those city workers work. They run to get the job done!

Anyway, I was at the Capitol with 40 other people with disabilities holding up signs, and hoping to convince the legislators to not cut services to people with disabilities (real disabilities...like Down's Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy...stuff you are born with....not the guy sitting on the couch collecting unemployment because he's faking a back injury and just too lazy to work...)

So, here we are trying to save dental services for people with disabilities (because the Gov's teeth are more important right?) and on my way home I see my tax dollars watering trees in the rain.

I thought I would share that story as best I could.

Sometimes it's like pushing a giant marshmallow up a hill.

Monday, May 3, 2010



Last weekend was a good one. Got the bricks in the ground and build a 12x9 garden box in the back yard. Transfering 180 bricks was a good workout.

Had a great time at the Tom Mighty T-Bone benefit playing with Pseudoband. Raised about 2K for the victims of the Lake Street fire above McMahon's Pub.

Friday night played a show at the Whiskey Junction with The Saints. Great time playing with Leif the drummer all night. Brad Ray was awesome as usual. "It's not rocket science folks"

Ran in to work today with Casey. I had my performance review last Friday and well, it was great but one issue that came up was I need to be on site more often. June 1st starting some afternoon day care for Casey (Kristi can pick him up after work)...then I can stay well into the evening at my job. This will work.

Anyway today we met our pet therapist Dee Dee and her german shepard "Jager". The Delta Society trains dogs/owners to work with people with disabilities, the elderly and hospitalized...etc. Casey had a great time with Jager. Made me think we should get a dog around here. We have the fence for it.

I'm not a dog person really. I think they are too rambunctious and out of control. Cats seem more in control of their situation. I think people who love dogs are often wild and crazy and love a good party and lotsa people to converse with all night long and ride that huge energy wave.... then I think cat people are people who tend to prefer the quieter times. Solitude is okay.

I should post a picture of the backyard. It's time for BBQ PART DEUX.