Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I woke up and decided to make poached eggs on Bay's english muffins. Usually I have just a piece of toast or something in the morning but I thought I need some protein if I was going to hit the gym. Back is still messed up but I am managing through it. Casey was in a great mood this morning all smiling and happy to be alive. He's learning that he actually has control of his arms and they aren't these appendages just randomly flailing around in the air. Wow...think of all the things he will need to be in control of as he gets older.

Chopin "Ballade No.2, Op. 38" (amazing).

Got to the gym and dang near did an hour of cardio plus weight training. Tonight is the weigh in at the Wellness Center. My partner and I started this Ways to Wellness Program about 8 weeks ago. Well, exactly eight weeks because it's the 8 week check in tonight. At the 4 week check in, my partner lost 9 pounds and a few inches and I didn't lose an ounce. Stayed exactly the same. She tried to console me with the "well you gained muscle" excuse. But I know I didn't live up to the challenges. Now that Casey is motivating me to go everyday, things are different.

So I can't let that happen again this time, I have gone from 244 to 216 before. I know I can do it. My weigh in was 238 on 11-5-09.

I have to see I know I feel better when I do the exercise. I know I function better when I'm in a good routine. Mostly I do it because life requires a lot more energy. I need to manufacture that energy so to be present for all the people in my life. If you value the people in your life, you should take care of yourself. Not only for you but for them. It seems like a selfish world out there but you can always find stories of people doing insurmountable tasks and stories of hope and triumph. What you choose to focus on becomes your world. (more bloggy armchair wisdom).

Tonight should be fun. I know I put in the work and so I expect results. Maybe tomorrow's blog should be a discussion about "expectations". I used to not have many expectations and in fact thought best avoided. Things change with age. Remember that.

830pm GAH Lost only two pounds. Tried to bitch about it but some how it didn't upload to the blog.....bottom line is now we'll just double the cardio. Simple. Two hours of cardio a day. Come and get me.