Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas 2009

Woke up from a long winter's nap to the sound of scrrrape on the driveway of my parents house. My dad was outside shoveling snow. I quickly sprang from my bed, went down, and started helpin out. My dad is pro shoveling. He refuses to buy a snow plow in favor of the exercise. Good idea. Plus it enhances "you" being Minnesotan. I love that.

My mom, Kristi, and Casey are all in the kitchen getting ready for today's huge meal. My sisters and other family members are battling the weather to get here. We were expecting about a foot snow but instead got a few inches of ice rain. How fun to scrrrrape it off the driveway.

Andy Miller sent out his annual Confessions from Padre email and it was quite entertaining. I have to say he's a much better writer than I am. Very descriptive and colorful. He should start a daily blog in 2010. Big fan of blogs, twittering, facebook, and social media these days. Maybe I should look into RSS feeds next?

My parents always get a real tree. When we were kids my Dad would load up the Country Squire station wagon (wood trim of course) and head south of Hastings where we would hunt for the right spruce and chop it down. My Dad confessed last night he wanted to annually, and spacially, plant spruce trees one year apart for five years. Trees get more expensive every year.

Time for more coffee.

(8:26pm) Back at the house. Was a great day with lots of family and good cheer. Mom and Dad got everyone this cool little JVC video cams. The kids all had a great time and we all ate way too much food. I will get back into exercise here for the next four days. I have been slacking and need to have enough energy for NYE.

Currently watching NFL on the computer. I have the speakers for the studio set up so the sound is perfect. The picture is HD. This is the future of television I think. The annoucers and commentators are dreadful. Actually this whole broadcast is terrible. Mostly people making comments and interviews with players and then maybe they will show a little football, then back to talking? What is this?

You can control everything from your laptop or device from your phone. Your TV. Your Phone. Anything. Information is instantaneous. What will be the reprocussions of all of this I wonder? Andy Miller knows.

My friend Mitch is calling. Mitch is a great vocalist. Probably the coolest vocalist all of us really know. Mitch and Alli. They got a cool thing goin on. Great example of a super great marriage.

I'm full of wine and bird now. This LIVE is awful.