Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Grieg Arietta Op 12 No 1 Melody in F ......had to quickly turn on the blog to capture this one. Wow. About one minute of sweetness!

Could slept in later.

Feels like sesmic shifts in tetonic plates are happening right now. Vega is moving fast forward, blazing a new trail in non-profit sustainability. Still have yet to connect with the SubWorld guy. I think I have been overanxious with me emails to Don. Will leave him alone until after the holidays. I had a dream about working there as the talent buyer. Small office in the basement of the theater, booking great gigs in this fabulous venue. Would love to make it happen. Nobody said I wasn't overly ambitious. I seem to like to keep myself busy.

Found a couple pointsettia leaves on the floor. Yesterday Kristi said she has a hard time with Pointsettias. Did I mention how amazing our gardens look. She truly has the green thumb. And the shopping thumb thankfully.

Casey is doing great. Just the other day he looked like a little man more than a baby. He's very happy and content. "The best gift you can give to your kid is a happy childhood". This is a Paul Hagen quote. He's got some great advice and quotes. "Give the best you have to give because how much you'll never know.." "Grant me the serenity to dance with the things I cannot change". More about Paul someday. He's always Mr. Bright Side.

Yes, so maybe it's the end of the year and we look back and wonder if we accomplished everything we set out to do. For me personally it was a great year. I'll wait til 12-31 for the year end review but I have to argue it was tip top as far as my life goes. #1 spot. Who's up for knockin off the champ!