Monday, December 14, 2009


It's cold outside today. There is about 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground.

Today we all got up pretty early. I fell asleep about 830pm so I was up around 5am or so just laying there.

Casey was in a great mood this morning just laughing and smiling away. Took his morning nap, then had a big bottle of boobie smoothie before crashing out for late morning nap.

Great weekend. Saturday we threw down the Vega Christmas Party at the Downtime. Nicholas was there throwin down mad piano grooves to kick it off, followed by carolers Jill/Mitch/and yours truly. Really great family vibe with some people singin a long. Then my favorite new band in the Twin Cities "Soap" threw down huge. Seriously check these guys out. They realize that audiences want to be entertained. Great frontman in Ross Taylor on bass. Great guitar playing by Erich "(Air-Reicht!)...totally solid set. Sat in for a tune that felt great. Hopefully they ask me to sit in again sometime and I'll prepare more. They did a killer cover of Michael Jacksons "Man in the Mirror". Brilliant!

This Wed is the Christmas Party at work and I'm making four trays of hot food. Caeser salad and so on. A big thank you to the staff and all the volunteers who've been with us over the years. Going to pick up the girls and bring down the whole family.

Vikings won against my Twitter buddy Chad Ochocinco's team the Bengals. Ocho got smacked hard by Cedric Griffen. He score a touchdown and said he was going to steal "Ragnar's" sword. He never did.

Casey is just waking up to some Rossini. "Tancredi/Overture". He's a hungry man today. Kristi said he was pretty hungry last night too.

DVORAK "Humoresque in CFlat Maj Op. 101 No. 7"

Scott Bacon took our 2009 Christmas Photos. Check it:

It feels like the floorboards aren't ask squeaker if we keep the humidifyer going. I'm going to give the bathroom a huge cleaning here. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom. Usually find an old tee shirt that needs to be replaced and turn it into a Comet rag. No fooling around with mops or swiffers, you have to get on your hands and knees and just scrub like mad...floors, everywhere. Basically you attack and conquer.

Great, I just flooded the bathroom. Got all caught up talking to my friend Tom Collins about launching that I forgot I was fillin the tub with bleach and water. Good thing: the bathroom is very clean now.