Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today Casey is three months old. I just took a few pictures of him for a photo opportunity at Moore Talent Agency. Casey does a few modeling shoots and he's well on his way to college tuition. Only by the time he's 18, college will be only for wealthy people. I can't believe how much tuition is these days. You want a strong nation of educated people...ease up on the tuition costs geez!

I've been slacking at the gym. It's just too cold out (-5 this morning) and I don't like being out in the bitter cold with Casey. As I read that again it sounds like an excuse, but today I'm stayin home. We are having a new refrigerator delivered today and I gotta be here.

Tonight I'm suppose to speak at a Town Hall forum on not cutting funds for disability services. I'm a bit nervous but the people need to be heard and I've been asked to speak. So we'll see how this goes.

Chopin Ballade Op 53 in AFlat Major. Wow. Vladamir Horowitz playing Chopin at Carnegie Hall...amazing:

Wow, it's 340 in the afternoon and I can't believe all the drama that has happened between 2 and now. Refrigerator came, took off all the doors to house tried to fit it in...just would not go. Meanwhile, my staff from work came and I donated our old refrigerator. I gave the guys 20 bucks I felt so bad they tried to get in the house. Now, we have no old refrigerator, no new refrigerator, and a house that is completely messed up. Plus my car was towed this morning. Usually all this would have me pretty steamed but I'm tried to roll with it just to see what happens next. Just paused and fed Casey. Now, he's happy and nappy. I need about 20 minutes to sit before I put this house back together and figure out how to get a fridge in here ASAP. The food will be fine, it's all outside on the porch where it's cold. How quickly can I get a fridge here.


I was just thinking about these pics of Casey that are going to a talent agency right now and how maybe they'll get in a local ad for something and before you know it Casey is in the movies and living it up. Just goes to show you it's worth sticking around to find out what happens next. Even in the midst of cars being towed and refrigerators not fitting through the door and the clutter and the straightening and the mess and the clean up.

I'm so curious to see what happens next.