Saturday, December 19, 2009


Saturday morning at Flad manor which usually includes bacon and coffee and some form of egg. Today however, just coffee and something light. I've been eating up the leftover lasagne from the company xmas party so probably should get to the gym here soon.

Casey was in a bad mood this morning. I think he's extra constipated and needs relief. Right now he's napping. Hopefully that moves things along.

Tonight my friends in the Jones Gang are playing the Suburban World theater. Something tells me this is a great venue for this band. I'm also curious if it actually works as a local venue to maybe do an event. Our friend Bess at work just got out of heart surgery and is looking to do a benefit to pay for her Mayo billz.

Kristi is my superhero. She is out shopping at Target and Sam's Club on the weekend before Christmas. It must be madness out there. She got all of the Christmas shopping done and I'm very happy about this. Being around crowds of people grabbing things isn't fun for me. I think my Dad and I are about the same on this.

Today I will make it to the gym at some point! That is my goal. I have these new Sony ear buds that have great sound. Looking forward to using them. I find that earbuds don't last very long. The input jack either gets slightly bent and when you go to plug it in you only get one side of your ear or worse.. flip flopping sound between each ear.

The work Christmas Party was the best we've had in my four years at the company. Made 4 huge serving trays of food. 2 pan lasagne and 2 baked rotini. Went over very well. For an activity one of my staff read the Night Before Christmas aloud while we exchanged white elephant gifts everytime the word "THE" was read. Not all the lasagne got eaten so it's been sitting on the back porch in the cold air for a few days now. I've been eating mostly lasagne as I said before.

Well, we have the new giant monolith refrigerator in our small kitchen. It's huge, but it works. Let's see so far in 2009 we've got new gutters.....a new hot water front mancave music room. Upkeep on a house gets expensive.

Looking to refinance our mortgage. I wrote Bank of America, who currently holds both our mortgages, and said look, we taxpayers bailed your ass out of debt now it's time you do something for us homeowners! Not getting too worked up about it. We don't qualify for Obamaloans currently. BOA did get back with me and is looking at some available products.

I miss the girls a lot today. They are growing up so fast. Slow down and enjoy the ride!