Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What is today? Wednesday?

Interesting day today. Started off pretty good, got Casey fed and made it to the Y again. Checked in with work. Unfoiling drama. Got laptops sat up. Made some coffee. I get really picky about the coffee I drink. If I'm opening a new bag of Starbuck's coffee (yes it's Starbucks....believe me I've tried all the Peace Coffee and Earth Grown Blends and I've come to the conclusion it's either the Hawaian Kona my parents bring me when they go to Kauai every year or it's this Starbucks Italian Roast. People tell me I need organic espresso beans if you want a good cup of coffee. still searching). I coordinate it as best I can to have him totally fed at 10:30am then out the door right away thinking he'll sleep for Yolanda.

This wellness kick I will lay off a lot of stuff but I can't seem to lay off the cream in the coffee. If I go to the gym this entire week I can have the cream.

I cleaned up the basement while Casey was napping. Moved some boxes and storage bins to the garage and moved some from the garage back in the house. Back and forth. Looks good though.

Really digging this Ableton Program. Have a few songs in the works. I really wanna do Bird on a Wing and have Kristi sing it. Got the bass and drums laid in nice right now.

Casey was great today. Did lots of laughing and I would sound out the letter "O" and he would echo back "oh". We say "hi" and sometimes he will say "hi" back. Seems like his hair is changing color. Seems like he changes a tweak everyday.

I wish I could speak more about my job but confidentiality doesn't permit. Looks like I may be picking up another overnight shift. Doesn't matter. I get stuff done that way. Honestly, I love the job I have right now and I'm grateful for the referrel back in 2005. Going to be four years this February. Really love the people I work with. I respect they choose to do the work they do. They are very talented people and could be doing any number of jobs, but they choose to do this work. I think it demands attention but then again maybe not.

We aren't all here by accident.

Tomorrow will be another day of becoming more coordinated. Learning how to focus. Communicating. Learning to control yourself and relax. Everything will be just fine.