Thursday, November 12, 2009


Why does our cat Leonard, insist on broadcasting the cat litter outside of his box?

Today was another great day. Today I thought that I finally grew up.

You know, things ain't so hard. Like Yolanda. She works the kid care in the basement of the Blaisdell YMCA. She and her co-assistants take care of all these strange people's kids. Mom's trying to get out of their mom jeans drop the tikes off one after the other. Right before heading up to the gym they each take a squirt of hand sanitizer for extra protection from the sickness. Now I'm on my fourth day in a row of gym thanks to my personal trainer and life motivator, Casey. He doesn't ask much for his services. He knows we can only motivate ourselves.

Yes kidz, a dangerous dangerous viral predator has reared it's ugly face. Everyone panic and protect yourself. Went to the 2month yesterday where Casey was shot full of polio, hepatitus, and array of other organisms. Time to build up the immunity for future viral pests. The staff who checked us in at the gate forgot to notify pediatrics that we had arrived (she was leaving at 4pm and so I think she wanted out of there, can't say I blame her) So we waited for about 45 minutes before the nurse asked if we had an appointment.

Casey slept in my arms in the chair and during that 45 minutes I noticed a number of things. One little girl had her sickness mask on and was coughing about every 3.5 seconds. She kept taking her mask off and mom would say, "Lucy, pull up your mask!" The little girl would kiss the glass on the fish tank. The fish in the tank seemed much safer in their enviroment. Less virouses...maybe greater immunity. I think about how many of the infected tots lathered their tongues all over that fish tank. Sharing their sick?

Off topic I remember last night watching so...many...Cialis.....commercials. How many boys watching the World series staring at a man telling them how erectile dysfunction has affected their sex lives and how having an erection lasting longer that 4 hours requires immediate trip to the ER for deflation. At least young boys know what to expect when they are unable to erect.

I like my 3-5 time at home when Casey is napping. I make green tea and clean the house. Get the dinner already. Like I said yesterday, I may have been born to be a housewife.

I think I figured out what blogging is. Stream of consciousness.

Baby is crying. Mom's bringing home True Thai. It doesn't get any better than this.