Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow, it's December tomorrow already....where does the time really go?

Casey and I got back in to the weekday routine today. We're dubbing Monday's "Coastal Seafood Market" Day. Coastal on 26th and Minnehaha has great fresh fish and I get daily specials Twitter'd to me. 20% off shrimp today. I like going in there and checking out all the great looking fillets. Reminds me of Japan.

My back is still messed up but I'm pushing through it anyway. Did another hour of cardio. Weigh in is Thursday.

I'm currently planning a few events. Saturday Dec 12 Vega is having a Christmas Party at the Downtime. Inviting any musician who has been part of Vega' breakthrough year to come down and jam and enjoy in the merriment. Then January 7-10 we're packing up the family and heading to our annual Lutsen get away. The resort puts up the bands in fabulous lodging and free skiing for the weekend. It's totally fun. We're rooming with the Sinclair's and their little boy Oliver. I remember many of the Wu/GJ shows at Poppa Charlie's over the years. The Wu shows especially got pretty crazy as tons of fans would take over the hill and the resort. People have a lot of great stories I'm sure they are still telling or not telling.

Also, Valentine's Day (Feb 13 actually) GJ has the Cabooze and we're in the process of thinking of what to do with the evening. Usually on Valentine's we pick a famous album and try to play it all the way through. I think over the year's we've done Sgt. Pepper, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, and Rolling Stones. Not sure about this year...yet. I think Jason Shannon would do a great job handling Bruce Springsteen or Clapton. I think John Heinen would do a fantastic Paul McCartney. People tossed around the idea of having Mitch do something more heavy metal. I like these themed event shows so much. I think GJ plays best when we have a good two months between shows. Hard for me to believe we did it almost 5 years every Wednesday. Hard for me to believe everything that has happened between 22-38. 16 years of trying a lot of things and learning for myself.

Again where does all this time go? The perceived increase of time is directly related to the amount of time actually left *(more Fladager armchair wisdom...or soapbox...or whatever you wanna call it. I call it preachy when left alone too long). The end seems to be coming quicker and quicker right? This is by no means a morbid though but one of encouragement and motivation. You are only going to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Get er' done. There's only so much time.

Which is to say one shouldn't be obsessed about how fast time goes's important to relish in every little moment while you can.