Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow, it's December tomorrow already....where does the time really go?

Casey and I got back in to the weekday routine today. We're dubbing Monday's "Coastal Seafood Market" Day. Coastal on 26th and Minnehaha has great fresh fish and I get daily specials Twitter'd to me. 20% off shrimp today. I like going in there and checking out all the great looking fillets. Reminds me of Japan.

My back is still messed up but I'm pushing through it anyway. Did another hour of cardio. Weigh in is Thursday.

I'm currently planning a few events. Saturday Dec 12 Vega is having a Christmas Party at the Downtime. Inviting any musician who has been part of Vega' breakthrough year to come down and jam and enjoy in the merriment. Then January 7-10 we're packing up the family and heading to our annual Lutsen get away. The resort puts up the bands in fabulous lodging and free skiing for the weekend. It's totally fun. We're rooming with the Sinclair's and their little boy Oliver. I remember many of the Wu/GJ shows at Poppa Charlie's over the years. The Wu shows especially got pretty crazy as tons of fans would take over the hill and the resort. People have a lot of great stories I'm sure they are still telling or not telling.

Also, Valentine's Day (Feb 13 actually) GJ has the Cabooze and we're in the process of thinking of what to do with the evening. Usually on Valentine's we pick a famous album and try to play it all the way through. I think over the year's we've done Sgt. Pepper, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, and Rolling Stones. Not sure about this year...yet. I think Jason Shannon would do a great job handling Bruce Springsteen or Clapton. I think John Heinen would do a fantastic Paul McCartney. People tossed around the idea of having Mitch do something more heavy metal. I like these themed event shows so much. I think GJ plays best when we have a good two months between shows. Hard for me to believe we did it almost 5 years every Wednesday. Hard for me to believe everything that has happened between 22-38. 16 years of trying a lot of things and learning for myself.

Again where does all this time go? The perceived increase of time is directly related to the amount of time actually left *(more Fladager armchair wisdom...or soapbox...or whatever you wanna call it. I call it preachy when left alone too long). The end seems to be coming quicker and quicker right? This is by no means a morbid though but one of encouragement and motivation. You are only going to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Get er' done. There's only so much time.

Which is to say one shouldn't be obsessed about how fast time goes's important to relish in every little moment while you can.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today we slept in a bit then I ran to work and hit the gym hard. Another hour of cardio. Weighing in on Thursday.

We made a great pot roast for dinner tonight.

Vikings won big.

Just kinda getting ready for the week ahead. Not much to report tonight.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today I woke up around 11am to Emma and Kristi cooing and playing with Casey, trying to get him to talk. He's getting pretty good at echoing "hi" and "Oh!". Kristi is off for tanning and Emma is back home after being with us for two days. My gosh she is getting to be a young lady. She is a very great big sister and leader of all the Jessop/Fladager offspring.

Yesterday I worked most of the morning scrambling to get a new computer for the house where I work. Reorganized a lot of the closets with my great staff and spent some time catching up on work stuff. Drove home around 3 and Kristi, Casey, and I all went to the YMCA. I did 40 minutes cardio and hit the sauna and hot tub. The girls swam mostly. Something is all messed up in my back again. It's like it was maybe 3 years ago. Once I'm up and walking around I don't noticed it but getting out of a car or anything where I'm really trying to get out of seated position is very difficult. Not sure what is going on there, but after years of dealing with this I've come to find the answer is always EXERCISE. In fact I truly believe that the answer to pretty much every question is EXERCISE: "I'm bored what should I do?" Exercise. "I'm tired" Exercise. "My back hurts." Exercise. When I get on my soap box I say that it's all about Mind-Body-Spirit. If one of those is outta whack you have to work on it. If your spirit is a mess, work on the body. Mind is a mess? Then work on the Spirit. Exercise seems to be the vehicle for balance.

Last night after the gym we all went out for Mexican food and FINALLY discovered a really good Mexican restaurant, in part thanks to a recommendation by our friend Kevin Dorsey. I have to tell my Dad about this place because he's been searching for the golden fleece of chile rellenos for many years now. Pancho Villas on Nicollet and 26th is what I'm talkin about. They have the really authentic stuff that will stare back at you while you eat it. They also have Mexican/American items. Great chips. Apparently on your birthday, your first SIX drinks are free. Anyway, the food was great and we told the manager that it's the best mexican restaurante we've been to in Minneapolis and we would return.

Last night Emma and I fiddled downstairs in the man cave with tracking her singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". By the time I figured out what I was doing in Ableton, we decided to watch "Best in Show" on OnDemand. Love that movie.

So this morning Kristi is starting off with a tanning session at Cabana Tan. Emma is back to mom's. Casey is napping and I am blogging in.

Emma went and bought some coffee for us at Sister's Sludge. I love the shop, I love the triplets who own and operate the bistro, but I still have yet to say...hey, this is the best coffee. We've tried everything from there and the only reason I go there is the say howdy to the neighbors and maybe amp up with a triple espresso.

Ok so ended up hitting the gym hard and getting ready for a work trip to South Beach today. Had a nice wheat pasta pesto dinner before watching the annual National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Didn't quite make it to end. Wound up cleaning the basement studio and getting things hooked up for chorus practice tomorrow.

Got somethings done today. Back still messed up but working on it. Weigh in is Thursday at 6pm. I haven't checked it out since I was 238 at last weigh in. So we'll see.

It's Fat Club.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Today we had Thanksgiving dinner in Red Wing. Red Wing is the picture perfect location for a Thanksgiving and my Aunt and Uncles home is the picture perfect Thanksgiving home. The only thing that has changed since I was a kid is the amount of booze and the number of kids. Both seem to increase with every passing year. This year we were suprised to find the old 13" color Zenith TV was replaced with a new 20in flatscreen. That would be a picture gain of seven inches.

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is go into the small boiler pot on the back of the stove and steal away the turkey heart and livers. I don't like the gizzards and neck. Too tough to eat. The heart is just right and I enjoy eating it and hearing it snap in my mouth. The livers are too delicious to even talk about when you flake them with a fork and then blend into the stuffing. Not the leftover stuffing in the corningware....the carcass stuffing. I ate frivolously. Figure I went to the gym 13 of 15 days there I can stuff myself at 2 in the afternoon. Of course all the adults sat at the big long table and the kids sat in TV room. The kids sneak cookies all night and jewelled wine carafes continue to be refilled. Great family time. Casey was just perfect. I think most of my relatives like to rag it up a bit and talk about health care policy and Pawlenty's unallottments and how if you work in Ramsey county it's like working for LaFamilia. I tend to be quiet during these times partially to just absorb in the family time and interact with the kids and partially because the night before is usually a rock show night.

...and what a night it was. Jeff Austin actually texted me that he would be in town and had his mando and wanted to sit in. Pretty much was more icing on 2009 as a landmark year. Great to play with GJ again and have a nice house and lotsa family there. Good energy. Probably too much tequila.

Hangover plus turkey livers, gravy and mashed potato equals nigh night time.

Tomorrow gym and work hard.

Another day in Paradise.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Today the ARC of Hennepin Country "Blue" truck came by and took away of ton of my old clothes. Of course I didn't remember they were coming so when I saw the truck I ran and started shoving all kinds of faded blue sweaters and grey pullovers that don't fit and maybe have a bleach stain, and other stuff I wore another size ago. Size. There is a good name for a song, "Size".

Couldn't sleep last night so I watched some Sissy Spacik movie called "In The Bedroom" and not soon after drifted off. Did anyone else besides me and Jim Carrey see Devon Hestor's pants get pulled down in slow motion on SNF? (I tweet with Jim Carrey. He still has not tweeted back at me as of yet but I think he will someday...or maybe I just think people like Jim Carrey should know me. Bears look terrible by the way).

Woke up pretty early and got the coffee going and computers hooked up.

Did another hour of cardio at the gym. Still the goal. Hour a day and eat normal. After a couple weeks here the back is feeling better and I definitely feel better. Today I think I'm over the sickness. Yolanda is helping me with my Spanish. I thought "llueve" was cry but that means "rain". "llorar". If you have a little bit of Spanish in you your'll recognize just how hard it is to say "llorar". Now say it five times.

Casey got up briefly from afternoon nap. He may have had some kind of bad dream. This morning he had good dreams as he was cooing in the cradle. The lamb mobile spinning around.

Tonight I'm going to be back to the overnight shift. Tomorrow is the Program Dept meeting.

Trying to figure out some flac files.

Oh yeah, stopped at Coastal Market for some fresh fish. Casey and I picked up some marlin and a nice ahi steak. Looking forward to that tonight. We steam fish. Sounds gross but it's pretty good if you drench it all in wasabi and soy sauce after it's done. Brown rice. Nice.

Joe Mauer won the 2009 American League MVP just moments ago. Another nice moment that is now great history.

Still enjoying the light classical station. Getting tired of Vivaldi horns and usually it's Arthur Rubenstein playing the piano pieces. People like Arthur Rubenstein amaze the hell out of me. The difference between them and everyone else is effort. You put in the time and effort and you'll be like Arthur Rubenstein or anyone you admire. If you want it, you have to go make it happen. Nobody else except you can make it happen. If you want to quit smoking, just quit smoking. If you want to play piano like Arthur Rubenstein go make it happen!

I keep thinking that this blog is going to be a nice record for the kids. All stream of thought. I'm not gonna edit anything. You know how amazing you are. You can take 26 odd looking shapes like "Q" and " X" and "S" and arrange them in order to make words which make sentences and books and blogs and doctrines and novels. It's good to be easily amazed.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Great Sunday today. Got to sleep in with Casey in between Kristi and I on the big fluffy comforter bed. Heaven!

Went and kicked some arse at work today. Got a great new staff orientated. Man, I'm still feeling like I gotta hack up a large bowl of mucous pudding. Hopefully before Wednesday. Excited about Wednesday. Really wanna do a nice Roses are Free for Destiny and maybe bring back Let Em' In. Just reconnected with Brent Branvold. Childhood friend of the family since we were kids. Invited him to the show on Wednesday. Really looking forward to that show. Did I mention?

Kristi is visiting her brothers with Casey so now I have some time to rehearse. Life is good.

One hour cardio tomorrow? We shall see. Never surrender.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday I didnt' blog in. I was feeling pretty sick. Called in to work and my amazing staff had it covered. I'm having a really interesting employment situation at work that I'm not going to get into.

Casey and I just got through the day yesterday. Kristi came home and we all went out to Target to get some things for the weekend at Target. Casey got pretty cranky at Target so Kristi went out to the car and I finished the shopping. My lungs feel like they are 5lb dumbbells. Trying this Mucinex and hoping it works like the little green cartoon characters on the commercial where they pack up their things and move out. So far this morning it's been working. Hacking up these adoreable lung oysters into our porcelin sink in the bathroom. Ounce by ounce we'll get rid of this crud.

Today Kristi's brothers are in town and while the thought of spending more than four hours at the MOA right before the holidays sounds like a great time (ack), I'm going to spend the day at the YMCA. Maybe sauna/hot tub too. Kristi's brothers are in town for the Vikings game tomorrow. They are going to see Casey at the same time. We are trying to rally everyone to go to Buca in St. Paul tonight. We'll have to see.

Casey had a bath this morning and is all ready for nap. I'm pounding coffee in hopes of going to the gym really soon.... I'm going....really....

On Dec Sat Dec 12 we we are having the Vega Christmas Party at the Downtime in Minneapolis. We will be having a listening party for the MN BEATLES PROJECT vol 1, holiday cheer, The Feelin' and hopefully Pistol Whippin Party Penguins. My hope is that Jill, Mitch, me, and Scott Roerick will dress up in drag and sing about 1/2 hour of Christmas carols. Affordable entertainment and good cheer. Really would love to do something acapella with those four. They are all such great singers.

I keep thinking this blog will make a good book for the kids when they get older. Hopefully I will keep it going and going. I also think of it as good therapy. I know I get self-absorbed. Count how many times my blog sentences have the word "I" in them....this is mildly annoying. But the blog helps. Here I can dump stream of consciousness. It's an honest record of events.


Today I went to the gym while Kristi is at MOA with Casey and her brothers. Did 90-min on cardio and some lifting. By far the biggest cardio day yet. I really wanna get to one hour of cardio everyday. Exercise cures everything: fatigue, weight loss, depression, insomnia, obesity, diabetes...any number of health risks. The gym is the answer to boredom.

I'm going to head into work for a while to help out. Some folks want to go to Sat night church so I'll help get dinner ready while they do that. After, I'm going to meet up with Kristi and her Brothers and we'll see if we end up at Buca. Something tells me no. This morning when I woke up I told myself, "Don't press the Buca idea too much because it's likely going the other way". I'm going to stop thinking about it now. Just sounds like a good idea.... shush!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Woke up in a pretty great mood today. Had some kind of hack developing but it's not too bad (yet). Hopefully I don't get the sickness. Kristi was getting ready for work. Damn she looks good for just having a baby. Bounced right back.

Casey and I just had tubby time after mom left for The Red Cross. Got the water just the right temperature. He loves tubby time. Making all his "Coo", "Gah", "hi", sounds. I like it so much. He's getting to be a big little man.

We've now resigned to our classical music and naptime before feeding and off to the YMCA. I love this light classical station especially the Motzart Piano Concertos and the Chopin Etudes. Sometimes we switch back and forth between "light" classical and classical "Masterpieces". We need to go see more orchestra music.

Today, I have an important work meeting at 230 so Casey will go to Jessops day care for a couple hours. Emma comes home from school at 3pm. She's a great babysitter. Did I mention Emma's report card??? Wow, All "A's" and one "B+". Couldn't be more proud of the Ichiban daughter. She is the first, the eldest and a great big sister to all her siblings. The other night we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate this report card. She's almost 12, but reminds me of 14. Don't grow up to fast. Please.

Emma and I talked about Robert Pattenson and New Moon. She's read these books a dozen times over. Man, I wish I could read like her!

Casey did great at the day care. Emma got to watch him and feed him until I got back at 4pm. We are so lucky to have great older sisters and Jessops day care.

Today we listened to mostly light classical but switched over to Soundscapes for the afternoon. Mom is out with coworkers. All is well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


What is today? Wednesday?

Interesting day today. Started off pretty good, got Casey fed and made it to the Y again. Checked in with work. Unfoiling drama. Got laptops sat up. Made some coffee. I get really picky about the coffee I drink. If I'm opening a new bag of Starbuck's coffee (yes it's Starbucks....believe me I've tried all the Peace Coffee and Earth Grown Blends and I've come to the conclusion it's either the Hawaian Kona my parents bring me when they go to Kauai every year or it's this Starbucks Italian Roast. People tell me I need organic espresso beans if you want a good cup of coffee. still searching). I coordinate it as best I can to have him totally fed at 10:30am then out the door right away thinking he'll sleep for Yolanda.

This wellness kick I will lay off a lot of stuff but I can't seem to lay off the cream in the coffee. If I go to the gym this entire week I can have the cream.

I cleaned up the basement while Casey was napping. Moved some boxes and storage bins to the garage and moved some from the garage back in the house. Back and forth. Looks good though.

Really digging this Ableton Program. Have a few songs in the works. I really wanna do Bird on a Wing and have Kristi sing it. Got the bass and drums laid in nice right now.

Casey was great today. Did lots of laughing and I would sound out the letter "O" and he would echo back "oh". We say "hi" and sometimes he will say "hi" back. Seems like his hair is changing color. Seems like he changes a tweak everyday.

I wish I could speak more about my job but confidentiality doesn't permit. Looks like I may be picking up another overnight shift. Doesn't matter. I get stuff done that way. Honestly, I love the job I have right now and I'm grateful for the referrel back in 2005. Going to be four years this February. Really love the people I work with. I respect they choose to do the work they do. They are very talented people and could be doing any number of jobs, but they choose to do this work. I think it demands attention but then again maybe not.

We aren't all here by accident.

Tomorrow will be another day of becoming more coordinated. Learning how to focus. Communicating. Learning to control yourself and relax. Everything will be just fine.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am a pro coordinator. That is what I do. I coordinate stuff. I coordinate pick up and drop offs. I coordinate when to take the milk out of the freezer to thaw before 10:15am feeding. I coordinate my showers. Life appears simpler the more coordinated you can be. Not like coordinated in high school basketball, which I was not. I barely scored. I wanted to be good but I needed more internal motivation. Didn't care about competition sports. Tennis was alright I guess.

Casey and I had another great day. Got home from doing the overnight at work. Coordinated. Got mom off a little earlier today. Light Classical. Check. Chopin Etude of the Day? No. 28. Check. Notebook computers coordinated? Check. Gym bag packed (forgot towel). check!

Saw Yolanda at the YMCA and thanked her again. I think they need a tip jar. Forgo policy that is some hard work they do down there.

Flipped through Judge Joe Brown, Judge Joe Mathis, and settled on Judge Alex. The time on the machine goes by.

Trying to figure out what to do on Sat Dec 12th for a night at the Downtime?

Looking forward to an evening dinner with my daughter in celebration of a great report card. Wow.

Kids amaze me all the time. I think I learn just as much from them as from adults. Maybe all you wanted as a child was to be an older adult and all you want as an adult is not to forget you are still a child.

Monday, November 16, 2009


We all got up pretty early today. About 6am. Made some coffee and went to work thinking I had a Department Meeting but it had been moved to next Tuesday. I did some work at the office before stopping at Bergren's for a few lunch items for Kristi. Casey had a giant blowout this morning and so we had a bath before getting ready to go to the Y. Did another 40 minute of cardio and some crunches. I want to go everyday and at least do cardio. That is my goal.

Tonight it's back to work for the overnight. Looking forward to it actually. It's quiet there and I get a lot of work done.

I just signed up for Tomorrow (Tues. Nov 17) any gift you give through will be matched. You can direct you gifts just search Dakota Communities or Vega Productions and you can direct you dollars there. Pretty awesome idea! So easy to give and I imagine there will be other days where matching funds can be donated. Awesome.

Another great day. Just rollin with the new changes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Had a great night's rest. I think Casey got up only once. Made some eggs and then hit the Y pretty hard. Drove to Valley Natural Foods. I don't buy a lot of stuff there and I probably should, but I really like org cranberry juice. Had a mediocre lunch at Chili's, arf, and got home to watch the Vikes we have a mango crusted pork roll and cinnamon sweet potatos going in the oven. Almost went to the Y twice today. Not much else to report. Just getting ready for the week.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night was a success but unfortunately Kristi couldn't make it out because a virus got her. She's feelin better today.

Ended up at Tim's for a bit after the show checking on the Minnesota Beatle Project CD. Great tracks and really amazing it all came together. Mark is a pro-coordinator. Lucy Michelle and the Lapels are my favorite track. She kills Sexy Sadie from The White Album. The Solid Gold "Norweigian Wood" track is also fantastic.

The Dean Benefit was a huge succeses. We raised just shy of 6K. It was a fun show all around. Alpha Consumer is another fine example of the talent in Minneapolis. Awesome. Dean's son Duggan got on stage and said hi from Dean. Lots of his cd's got sold too.

This morning woke up early and met Mark and Tim at Anthem Mastering in St. Paul.

Otherwise quiet day at home.

Friday, November 13, 2009


The funniest joke that apparently has been around for a long time and yet I just found out about it is....

"What does a lead guitar player in a rock band use for contraception?"

"His personality".

Bitterly true folks.

Speaking of guitar players, today is for Dean Magraw. Local music community is coming together tonight at the Cabooze to help out our friend Dean who's been having a rough go at it lately. Looking forward to checking out Alpha Consumer and Jason Shannon Band. Awesome.
Hopefully tomorrow Paul and I can run over and hand Dean off a check.

Today Mom stayed home sick with what is likely some form of the sickness. Casey and I headed to Kennelly and some of the staff passed him around. I did a partial interview with a prospective employmee with Casey in my arms. Probably a strange interview for her. Later we met up with Mom, Maureen, and Cindy and Lucy at The Bonfire Grill in Eagan for lunch. Service was bad. Taco salad was weak..and eveyrthing overpriced. The only thing saving the restaurant was the positive cheery conversation going between our table. I think we brought in buisiness.

I ran home after lunch with Casey in tow. Tossed on my gym clothes and had one of those realizations. I love Judge Judy so much and I need to work out so...heading to the YMCA at 4pm in time to watch a full hour while on the Elliptical. Now I have myself, Casey and Judge Judy all collaborating on success.

Got back home and Kristi was sick so I notified the fellas I'd be late and got some chicken soup and stuff from Bergren's. I love our local grocery store. I like giving the kids tips when they haul out your bags.

Made the soup. Got ready for the show and realized I didn't blog in today. So there it is... I'll check back later on tonight when I get home....this may get interesting.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Why does our cat Leonard, insist on broadcasting the cat litter outside of his box?

Today was another great day. Today I thought that I finally grew up.

You know, things ain't so hard. Like Yolanda. She works the kid care in the basement of the Blaisdell YMCA. She and her co-assistants take care of all these strange people's kids. Mom's trying to get out of their mom jeans drop the tikes off one after the other. Right before heading up to the gym they each take a squirt of hand sanitizer for extra protection from the sickness. Now I'm on my fourth day in a row of gym thanks to my personal trainer and life motivator, Casey. He doesn't ask much for his services. He knows we can only motivate ourselves.

Yes kidz, a dangerous dangerous viral predator has reared it's ugly face. Everyone panic and protect yourself. Went to the 2month yesterday where Casey was shot full of polio, hepatitus, and array of other organisms. Time to build up the immunity for future viral pests. The staff who checked us in at the gate forgot to notify pediatrics that we had arrived (she was leaving at 4pm and so I think she wanted out of there, can't say I blame her) So we waited for about 45 minutes before the nurse asked if we had an appointment.

Casey slept in my arms in the chair and during that 45 minutes I noticed a number of things. One little girl had her sickness mask on and was coughing about every 3.5 seconds. She kept taking her mask off and mom would say, "Lucy, pull up your mask!" The little girl would kiss the glass on the fish tank. The fish in the tank seemed much safer in their enviroment. Less virouses...maybe greater immunity. I think about how many of the infected tots lathered their tongues all over that fish tank. Sharing their sick?

Off topic I remember last night watching so...many...Cialis.....commercials. How many boys watching the World series staring at a man telling them how erectile dysfunction has affected their sex lives and how having an erection lasting longer that 4 hours requires immediate trip to the ER for deflation. At least young boys know what to expect when they are unable to erect.

I like my 3-5 time at home when Casey is napping. I make green tea and clean the house. Get the dinner already. Like I said yesterday, I may have been born to be a housewife.

I think I figured out what blogging is. Stream of consciousness.

Baby is crying. Mom's bringing home True Thai. It doesn't get any better than this.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Another great day...that's day 3 at the gym thanks to my trainer and motivator CFlad.

Got vaccinated for H1N1 today. Thank god I have a job. Well, my wife does and her insurance is better than mine. It's sad that today is Vet's Day and 1 million American veterans don't have health insurance.

Dr. Berry is our pediatrition and I like him a lot. Dry humor and very professorial.

Today I thought if all the celebrities in Hollywood hate the poporattzi so much, why don't they all start making stuff up when asked for juicy gossip? I would.

MN Beatles Project vol 1 gets mastered tonight. Sweet. Wish I could make it.

Looking forward to playin with GJ on Friday

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

Casey is 2 months old today. I like my new work schedule because it's quiet in the middle of the night and I can get a lot of things done, plus it frees up my days to be with my son. I just have this sneakin suspicion out of all the relationships in my life, this one is going to be the most defining and important. I can't wait to spend time with him everday. I love being domestic and having the house cleaned up and dinner on for when Kristi gets home. Yesterday I was asking myself, "Maybe what you wanted to be when you grew up was a "home-maker". I think it may be true.

Again, more gym time today. Made some picture collages for relatives. Updated the Flickr and continued working on

Friday's Big Wu Dean Magraw benefit show will be my last show with the band. It's funny how much I loved that band but I fail in trying to navigate the various personalities. I think back to 2000-2001 when we were firing on all cylinders and blowing people away at the first Bonnaroo. Actually, yesterday there was an email from a guy in Florida named Octavia who just heard Break of Day for the first time (13 years after it first came out). He was blown away by the sound, the words and the vibe.

Man, I loved that band and the people who supported us.

I'm twittering with Jim Carrey now.

Honestly I look forward to the gym tomorrow. The new Blaisdell YMCA is awesome. I remember when it looked like an old elementary school building from old times; and probably had a hell of a rowing machine. Casey makes me go to the Y everyday which is cool. I dig my new job.

This wine is average.

Looking forward to recording Bird on a Wing with Kristi. I think that is by far the best Wu song ever written. Miller nails it. Great chord changes. The bridge is damn near holy. The lyrics make Celine Dion cry they are so good. Al's lapsteel solo soars then the song aches you on towards the final chorus (different than the previous choruses). Bravo Miller! I will contact Taylor Swift to see if she'll give it a rip.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

Today Casey and I spent our first day getting used to the routine. We had a bath at 8am and relaxed listening to Light Classical Music on the station. We had breakfast and then went to the YMCA on Blaisdell. I dropped Casey off with Yolando and Co. at the Kids Care before doing 30 minutes cardio and some lifting.

After the YMCA we drove to the Red Cross for milking and feeding. I teased Marie about her being jealous of my white Reebok Mr. Rogers shoes. Kristi, Casey and I dined and enjoyed lunch until 1pm. Casey and I then drove and picked up some Ahi Tuna for dinner at Coastal Seafoods.

Casey and I had a 3pm snack and cleaned up the house and got ready for mom to come home.

We ate dinner and relaxed. Then I had to go work the overnight at my job.