Friday, December 4, 2009


"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal" -Albert Pine Nice

I love that intellegent statements have all been made before, you just to re-quote. Re-Tweet. So, who wants to live on eternally? I'm not sure if I would like that or not actually. People are so concerned about living eternally. I mean, really do you really want to live eternally? I'm not sure I do. I think the world will have enough of me at some point. That is fine.

Today was an early riser. Didn't have time to eat until 3:30 in the afternoon. No gym today. Last night's weight in was depressing but we're over it. Hit it hard tomorrow.

Dropped Casey off at my Mom's. Thankful for my parents and being so close.

Ran to work. Got some people orientated. Coordinate 5 Visa Monthly Statements. Have a briefing with my senior staff. Coordinate some more. Work in the Evites for Christmas Party.

I got my haircut at Fantastic's Sam's from someone named Misty LeFountain-de Chevalrey. She said she worked there for 5 years and has two kids with her husband. She seemed irritated her husband hadn't gone out and bought the Christmas tree yet. She said she won't get a fake tree because she likes the smell of the real tree. He husband apparently has been in the garage fixing the three-wheeler. She talked about how they got a new ice-house that was actually an old camper trailor and they were gonna test 'er out on Lake Winnebigosh this winter. She said she only goes with her husband once each winter. The last time she went she was 8 months pregnant and they caught a lot of crappies. I asked if they have a lot of land for riding three wheelers. She said they live on a Frontage Road in St. Paul.

Also, before I got in the barber chair I was playing checkers with a young boy that was probably 4 or 5. Mom was under the hair dryer thing. He had no clue how to play checkers. Usually I don't engage in these kinds of situations but the kid wanted me to attempt to play I did.

First I showed him how to set up the board (didn't care). Next I showed him how each of the pieces has to move diagonally only (he didn't know what diagonally meant. Emma would know what diagonally meant at 5). Then I showed him how to jump and this is where he started caring about how to actually play the game. He was jumping from eight spaces away sometimes. Eh, no sense in trying to school this boy on checkers. I just let him jump all over the board. Soon enough if was my turn in the chair.

I think I like going to a new stylist/barber each time. You never know who you are going to get or what stuff they'll use in conversation. I think I'll make it a habit to NOT go to the same stylist for the rest of my life.

These days I ask for the #4 clippers all around and leave the top so it looks like I'm not losing my hair. Never works. Today I noticed a lot more greys floating down the barber bib. (hey, my grey hairs will blend in with the photo shoot tomorrow).

Read some fabulous reviews of the MN Beatles Project album we did at Vega. Chris Riemenschneider wrote a nice article in the Strib. The Duluth News wrote some good things about Two Of Us cover which myself, Dave Simonett, and others worked on at Pachodyrm studios. Real happy that all came together and looking forward to the CD Release Party at First Avenue on Tuesday. Mark is out distributing the CD's to outlets.

Tomorrow night Cari and Emma are coming to hang out with Casey while Kristi and I go check out some good friend's bands: Apollo Cobra and Deep Sea Summit.

During the day tomorrow the girls, Casey, Kristi and I are going to get the 2009 family photo shoot done. Our friend Scott Bacon is doing the shoot. We're all wearing different combinations of grey, white and black.