Friday, December 11, 2009


I just shoveled a path from my back steps to the alley so I could take out the trash.

We are currently refrigerator-less. All our perishables are on the back breezeway. Kristi is actually at MOA Sears right now (nauseating) having one delivered here.

A lot of people are glad it is Friday today myself included. This week has been way to full of drama. Refrigerators not fitting through doors. Cars being towed. Suprise you work the night shift last night. Kristi, Casey, and I all took a trip to the impound lot.

Kristi dropped us off. There was a heated canopy just outside the front door. The city built because the lines were long yesterday. We zipped in and out of there pretty quick. Casey and I sat in the car while it defrosted. He didn't seem to mind.

Headed for the bank for more funds for Xmas and maybe some holiday spirits.

Wow, just watched the Obama speech to the Nobel Peace Prize committee in Oslo. Brilliant.

Also...I am a huge fan of LANG LANG. Played a tune by Lizst that shredded me in a million little pieces. Here it is: