Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's cold in here. It's -5 outside and these tiny drafts keep coming through the floorboards. Casey's stocking is hung high in the air. It's royal blue with a big gold "C". The Xmas tree has presents under it. Time keeps flying by. I thought it went fast when I was 30. You must be straight dizzy by the time you hit 60. Take more action and get it done. Like Chad Ochocinco says: "Be grate today!". (intentionally mispelled).

Last night I did the over night. I was really tired when I got there so falling asleep was easy. Woke up at around 545am and crawled back in to bed at home by 8. Had a McDonalds small milkshake last night. Couldn't stop it from happening.

Today again I'm not going to the gym. It's really cold out and while I could get Casey all bundled up and ready to do this...why. It's cozy here and we need to get cooking. We're making some of the main dishes for the holiday party tomorrow.

Grieg is just killer. I love me some Grieg. Check out: "Morning". You will recognize the melody.

Watching the CMT's the other night made me realize melody has totally disappeared in popular music. Ugh, it's so generic how can you even stand it.

It's been a great morning already. Getting a few things done and getting ready to cook massive quantities of food tomorrow. Also our refrigerator comes tomorrow. Hope this one fits. We are excited to stock it full of fresh and new items. A new A1 Steak Sauce. A new Mayonaisse!

Faure "Impromptu No.3 in A Flat major, Op. 34"

Today I got final approval on a work trip to Florida in March. Looking forward to it. Maybe write a book about it sometime. It would be a good story.