Sunday, December 20, 2009


I just got back from Sam's. Picked up the Christmas Photos to send off to friends and relatives. Picked up some other Santa items as well. Couple of lobster tails for tonight. What a great Sunday. Just hanging with Casey and Kristi and rehydrating from last night. Doin laundry. Being lazy.

Sam's wasn't too crazy or maybe I wasn't too irratable. Got the photos but forgot the envelops, or maybe th.... I hate that when that happens. I was bloggin about last night's show at and how I wanted to inquire about being a talent buyer for this venue. Dreams of weekly shows and weekend headline acts dancin in my head.....I wrote a good couple of paragraphs but, as it has happened before, I hit some button by error on the keyboard and it deleted 3/4th's of what I had written. Bugger.

I'll leave it at that. Looking forward to football, hydration, playing with Casey, and enjoying some lobster with Kristi.