Monday, November 23, 2009


Today the ARC of Hennepin Country "Blue" truck came by and took away of ton of my old clothes. Of course I didn't remember they were coming so when I saw the truck I ran and started shoving all kinds of faded blue sweaters and grey pullovers that don't fit and maybe have a bleach stain, and other stuff I wore another size ago. Size. There is a good name for a song, "Size".

Couldn't sleep last night so I watched some Sissy Spacik movie called "In The Bedroom" and not soon after drifted off. Did anyone else besides me and Jim Carrey see Devon Hestor's pants get pulled down in slow motion on SNF? (I tweet with Jim Carrey. He still has not tweeted back at me as of yet but I think he will someday...or maybe I just think people like Jim Carrey should know me. Bears look terrible by the way).

Woke up pretty early and got the coffee going and computers hooked up.

Did another hour of cardio at the gym. Still the goal. Hour a day and eat normal. After a couple weeks here the back is feeling better and I definitely feel better. Today I think I'm over the sickness. Yolanda is helping me with my Spanish. I thought "llueve" was cry but that means "rain". "llorar". If you have a little bit of Spanish in you your'll recognize just how hard it is to say "llorar". Now say it five times.

Casey got up briefly from afternoon nap. He may have had some kind of bad dream. This morning he had good dreams as he was cooing in the cradle. The lamb mobile spinning around.

Tonight I'm going to be back to the overnight shift. Tomorrow is the Program Dept meeting.

Trying to figure out some flac files.

Oh yeah, stopped at Coastal Market for some fresh fish. Casey and I picked up some marlin and a nice ahi steak. Looking forward to that tonight. We steam fish. Sounds gross but it's pretty good if you drench it all in wasabi and soy sauce after it's done. Brown rice. Nice.

Joe Mauer won the 2009 American League MVP just moments ago. Another nice moment that is now great history.

Still enjoying the light classical station. Getting tired of Vivaldi horns and usually it's Arthur Rubenstein playing the piano pieces. People like Arthur Rubenstein amaze the hell out of me. The difference between them and everyone else is effort. You put in the time and effort and you'll be like Arthur Rubenstein or anyone you admire. If you want it, you have to go make it happen. Nobody else except you can make it happen. If you want to quit smoking, just quit smoking. If you want to play piano like Arthur Rubenstein go make it happen!

I keep thinking that this blog is going to be a nice record for the kids. All stream of thought. I'm not gonna edit anything. You know how amazing you are. You can take 26 odd looking shapes like "Q" and " X" and "S" and arrange them in order to make words which make sentences and books and blogs and doctrines and novels. It's good to be easily amazed.