Friday, November 13, 2009


The funniest joke that apparently has been around for a long time and yet I just found out about it is....

"What does a lead guitar player in a rock band use for contraception?"

"His personality".

Bitterly true folks.

Speaking of guitar players, today is for Dean Magraw. Local music community is coming together tonight at the Cabooze to help out our friend Dean who's been having a rough go at it lately. Looking forward to checking out Alpha Consumer and Jason Shannon Band. Awesome.
Hopefully tomorrow Paul and I can run over and hand Dean off a check.

Today Mom stayed home sick with what is likely some form of the sickness. Casey and I headed to Kennelly and some of the staff passed him around. I did a partial interview with a prospective employmee with Casey in my arms. Probably a strange interview for her. Later we met up with Mom, Maureen, and Cindy and Lucy at The Bonfire Grill in Eagan for lunch. Service was bad. Taco salad was weak..and eveyrthing overpriced. The only thing saving the restaurant was the positive cheery conversation going between our table. I think we brought in buisiness.

I ran home after lunch with Casey in tow. Tossed on my gym clothes and had one of those realizations. I love Judge Judy so much and I need to work out so...heading to the YMCA at 4pm in time to watch a full hour while on the Elliptical. Now I have myself, Casey and Judge Judy all collaborating on success.

Got back home and Kristi was sick so I notified the fellas I'd be late and got some chicken soup and stuff from Bergren's. I love our local grocery store. I like giving the kids tips when they haul out your bags.

Made the soup. Got ready for the show and realized I didn't blog in today. So there it is... I'll check back later on tonight when I get home....this may get interesting.