Thursday, August 12, 2010

chi chi booooo by SARDINE HEAD

chi chi booooo by SARDINE HEAD

Happy to report we have Sardine Head flying in from Japan on Wed Nov 24th for a show with God Johnson and Cymatic.

The benefit for Jimmy on Saturday was amazing. So many artists picked up and helped out. Jimmy was very thankful to everyone for the kindess and generousity. It was great to play Waste with Jill and Jimmy's Dad. Highlights were Soap doing Divided Sky and most of the GJ set. Felt great to play with those guys again. I think we'd be suprised if we were to start playing a bit more. This ride goes up and down.

Kristi and I were discussing moving to Colorado in 4-5 years. Depending on a few things. We both have the same employers there. Maybe living in an apartment with Casey for a couple years wouldn't be too bad. Save some money.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jerry Garcia Band - I Shall Be Released

Benefit for Jimmy!/album.php?aid=199385&id=14254253420&ref=mf

Last weekend we had the benefit for Jimmy Rogers at the Cabooze. Had some great performances especially Soap who killed it with their rendition of Divided Sky. Amazing. We ran short on time so we only played YEM, Esther and Free from the Junta project. Mitch called and said we could run it again on Wednesday at Cymatic, so we're planning on it.

Everything is going great. I had an MRI on the back to figure out if anything has changed. Dr. says not much you can do, it's my I'm built. My sister has the same thing, degenerative disc disorder. It's not bad enough to require surgery but bad enough to cause major pain at times. Continue treatment as ordered. Fine.

I continue to go to the gym and not drink. I did however entirely relapse on purpose and fully intentional at the Cabooze on Saturday. The Patron was delicious. Kristi and all the old Wednesday night regulars got together and had some fun. It was a nice escape. My sister had Casey for the night.

The girls have been winding down there summer. We will see them all weekend and doing the annual Wittstock pool party where we reunite with Winona college friends.

All and all life is very balanced and centered. I've got the right combination of family, music, wellness and work.

One thing is for sure, the GJ set on Saturday was a huge treat. Enjoyed all of that.