Thursday, December 24, 2009


Christmas Eve 2009

Last night it snowed about six inches. Got up early and shovelled. Really don't mind the shovel. I feel like a husky Minnesotan. Love my state and my city.

Casey is sleepin now. He's in his rockstar outfit. We have several.

We got the girls some great presents. They are in Wisconsin until Saturday.

Kristi and I got a new giant monolith refrigerator as part of our Christmas present to eachother. I think someday aliens will be hovering over our house in a flying saucer and beaming up our giant monolith refrigerator to the tune of Also Sprach Zarathustra. I can picture them assorting and studying various leftovers and deli meats, trying to understand human nutrition.

Today Marie suggested checking out the Magic Flute from Motzart so YouTube'd it. I'm still on my Artur Rubinstein kick. I love the black and white videos of just he and the piano in front of an all Russian audience as some Moscow theater. Performance. It's amazing that his mind works like that. I'm in awe of amazing piano players.

We are about to camp out at my parents for a few days. Tonight we'll enjoy the annual clam chowder, homemade cinnamon rolls and seven layer salad. Cream...whipping cream...half and half...butter....dough....

Hook me up to a feeding tube and I'll be set.