Thursday, November 19, 2009


Woke up in a pretty great mood today. Had some kind of hack developing but it's not too bad (yet). Hopefully I don't get the sickness. Kristi was getting ready for work. Damn she looks good for just having a baby. Bounced right back.

Casey and I just had tubby time after mom left for The Red Cross. Got the water just the right temperature. He loves tubby time. Making all his "Coo", "Gah", "hi", sounds. I like it so much. He's getting to be a big little man.

We've now resigned to our classical music and naptime before feeding and off to the YMCA. I love this light classical station especially the Motzart Piano Concertos and the Chopin Etudes. Sometimes we switch back and forth between "light" classical and classical "Masterpieces". We need to go see more orchestra music.

Today, I have an important work meeting at 230 so Casey will go to Jessops day care for a couple hours. Emma comes home from school at 3pm. She's a great babysitter. Did I mention Emma's report card??? Wow, All "A's" and one "B+". Couldn't be more proud of the Ichiban daughter. She is the first, the eldest and a great big sister to all her siblings. The other night we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate this report card. She's almost 12, but reminds me of 14. Don't grow up to fast. Please.

Emma and I talked about Robert Pattenson and New Moon. She's read these books a dozen times over. Man, I wish I could read like her!

Casey did great at the day care. Emma got to watch him and feed him until I got back at 4pm. We are so lucky to have great older sisters and Jessops day care.

Today we listened to mostly light classical but switched over to Soundscapes for the afternoon. Mom is out with coworkers. All is well.