Monday, December 21, 2009


Well I cannot stop thinking about the Suburban World Theater in Uptown. With the Uptown Bar closing, that neighborhood needs a serious venue to showcase talent in the Twin Cities. I dream of being the Bill Graham of the SubWorld!

Today is going well. I picked up the girls with Casey and went to the YMCA to get in some swim time. After, we all drove to Sam's to get envelopes for the Xmas cards (these need to go out today!). Dropped off Emma to go sledding with her friends at Cornelia Elementary. Talia, Casey and I then went to Noodles-n-Company and Talia suprised me with a Curry Noodles. She went in and ordered lunch to go for us. She's growin up too!

While driving around we all listened to the MN Beatles Project vol. 1. The girls are big fans. Vega is already getting tons of inquiries about next year's Project. 2010 could be a very good year. If I can get this talent buyer position from the SubWorld, then Vega would have a venue in its back pocket. I think of getting SubWorld on Twitter, Facebook, and every social media outlet possible.