Monday, December 7, 2009


Welcome to Monday. I didn't blog in once over the weekend as we were movin and groovin, getting gifts, writing songs called "Aliens from Space" with Talia, and so on.

Saturday was really fun. Kristi and I started with a bottle of cab after dinner. Later, I went out and saw Apollo Cobra, Deep Sea Summit, and Mark Joseph Project at the Cabooze. Came back at 1am and Kristi was still up so we had a few beers and hung out like old times.

Back when we were dating we used to go to Rudolph's and have martinis made by a guy named "Sideburns". Kristi just lived in the apartment across the street so we'd mosey over there at barclose.

Someone said the other day, 'Once you start living your life as a series of little adventures your story will write itself' or something like this.

Listening to some Handel right now. Not a huge fan of Handel so far.

Wow, today was definitely a Monday. Casey and I left for the gym and when I arrived in the parking lot I discovered I had left my gym bag at home. Had the diaper bag. Gah. So drove back home, picked it up, and then went back. Coulda been real easy to not go at all, but made it...did about 40 minutes of cardo and some light strength training. Casey and I drove to the Red Cross and we had lunch. Marie is in France so I couldn't make any wise cracks today.

Great, I'm currently getting email from Valley Middle School about a "hispanic male" who was driving a Pontiac Grand Prix and approached a younger male student and offered a ride. One thing that totally irritates me (a bit of an irritating day today) is how criminals get such tiny punishments for the crimes they commit. Especially any crimes directed towards children and vulnerable people. In my opinion anyone who falls in to that category should be eridicated from the earth....or sent to live with other child molesters in the middle of Utah on a 10 square mile piece of desert. We need harsher penalties for crimes in my community. Also more cops please. I'll pay more for more cops and stricter sentencing laws.

Boy Casey was really cranky today. I'm not sure what is going on. I think he may get big gas bubbles inside of him. I'm sure digestion is hard for the little guy. Kristi commented the other day about how she feels her life is complete now. I feel the same. I can think of any other projects I would enjoy working on more than Casey.

Just got a message from my work. There is a man who is in a wheelchair and can't speak who uses a special "talker" for communicating. Last summer we programmed the talker with my voice so I say things like, "more coffee please", and "I'd like to rent a movie" or "thank you"...etc.. Just heard they upgraded the talker and they want me to add more voices. Someone uses my voice to talk.

Oh what a day already. Need to get back in the routine of things. I think today we all were operating at odd intervals.