Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's The Final Countdown!

Today I'm going to list things that made 2009 awesome:

1. Casey Robert Fladager born 9-10-09

2. Watching the girls grow up and being mesmerized by their talents

3. BWFRX. "Big Wu Family Reunion Ten" and $5800 donation to Owatonna schools.

4. Trip to West Hollywood and playing on the House of Blues Stage in LA (and subsequently aimlessly and blissfully wandering around Hollywood at 3am).

5. Father's Day 2009 at Alpine Valley. Thank you Kristi!

6. Upgraded: gutters, water heater, refrigerator, new front steps, new living room colors

7. On a whim heading to Red Rocks for the last Phish show. Great drive with Brad and awesome adventure (and so-so Phish show).

8. A fairly decent attempt at staying healthy throughout the year. Gym. Exercise.

9. A nice family trip to South Dakota for Kristi's baby shower.

10. Lusten 2009

11. Guns N Roses Tribute show with God Johnson (and many more GJ shows...)

12. Big Wu in Aberdeen in May (best Wu show of the year..).

13. Rock Boat II and performing with Bernie Worrell.

14. Discovering the best spaghetti sauce in the Twin Cities (Yarusso's)

15. Receiving a nice bonus at work for keeping OT low.

16. Release of The MN Beatles Project Vol. 1.

17. Discovering great classical music like this

18. TherapyBlogging.

19. Suprise guest sit in from Jeff Austin on the Wed before Christmas.

20. DogSled Winter Vacation at Camp Menogyn, BWCA.

21. The Downtime Bar and Grill

22. The Fine Line Vega benefit

23. "A Night for Dean" at the Cabooze

24. Discovering the Suburban World theater.

25. Obamarama