Monday, November 16, 2009


We all got up pretty early today. About 6am. Made some coffee and went to work thinking I had a Department Meeting but it had been moved to next Tuesday. I did some work at the office before stopping at Bergren's for a few lunch items for Kristi. Casey had a giant blowout this morning and so we had a bath before getting ready to go to the Y. Did another 40 minute of cardio and some crunches. I want to go everyday and at least do cardio. That is my goal.

Tonight it's back to work for the overnight. Looking forward to it actually. It's quiet there and I get a lot of work done.

I just signed up for Tomorrow (Tues. Nov 17) any gift you give through will be matched. You can direct you gifts just search Dakota Communities or Vega Productions and you can direct you dollars there. Pretty awesome idea! So easy to give and I imagine there will be other days where matching funds can be donated. Awesome.

Another great day. Just rollin with the new changes.