Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today was a great day.

Yesterday the girls came over and we had family Christmas at the house. Girls were excited to get their Rockband 2 for Wii. The two of them seem to want to see Dad shed a tear or two on Christmas. Last year they made us a Love Family painting with wild colors. We had it in our bedroom for the entire year. This year they decided to frame a poem.

Hold the bounty that's before you,
like a bird with a broken wing,
Or a life held by a string.
This gift you've been blessed with
shall surround you forever.
But acting against it shant gain more or less
for everyone and everything gets, gains and gives-->LOVE.

From your daughters Emma and Talia: Merry Christmas Family! Love is the very thing that keeps us a family. And it will be that way forever and ever!

Right, so yesterday we opened gifts and playing the Price Is Right Wii game with the whole family. We ate a fat ham and had scalloped potatos with extra Christmas music and games and fun and perfect. We all crashed out pretty early last night.

Today we got up early and had a ham and egg breakfast and played some more Wii. Talia and I then went out to Kristi's car which was snowed-in, in the back alleyway. We dug it out and drove it back around front.

I took the girls home and then went to the YMCA for an hour of cardio and some lifting.

Today I was thinking about how Twitter and Facebook and Blogger are essentially all "Diaries". I don't remember too many boys having diaries but these have 4-8 online diaries all laid out naked on the table for everyone to see. Since everyone has 5 diaries out on the table for the entire online community to view and comment on (depending on privacty settings), how is that going to affect us interpersonally in our communities? Let's say you are meeting up with new client who I already know everything I need to about them from LinkdIn or Facebook or their Blog... what kind of impacts will this have in the next ten years. This is what I was thinking about today in the parking lot of my local Bergren's SuperValue.

I love this smalltown grocery store in the heart of South Minneapolis Nokomis. We could drive just a mile or so down the way to MEGATarget, but why. We like the service and the nice folks who work there and it's really not that much of a difference. Yes, sometimes we got to ERNOMOTarget, but it's still important to support the local good guys. Skip Starbucks and check out the local coffee shop, Sister's Sludge (I am always hoping the coffee at Sister's Sludge taste betters than Caribou or Starbucks). This little coffee shop is run by three triplet sisters.

So, the rest of the day looks like homemade chicken pot pie and crab legs (only 9.99/lb at Bergren's!).

Also I have been thinking about resolutions for 2010. I am torn between "not putting toxins in my body for a year including all alcohol and bad food" and "begin MA pursuit" and "ReExamine, Reload, and ReEnergize".

I am Twitter buds with Tony Franklin. Famous Bass Player and legendary musician. He is virtually toxin free. His goal in 2010 is to go caffeine free and be done with it. I need to go in this direction. We should go one hour cardio in the morning and one hour after dinner. Headphones. Live Music. Everyday. The though of experimenting with this shift in lifestyle is something that intrigues me. I wonder what being in optimal health feels like. Only one way to find out right?

It was a great Christmas 2009. Lots of reminders about what life is all about.