Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Today we had Thanksgiving dinner in Red Wing. Red Wing is the picture perfect location for a Thanksgiving and my Aunt and Uncles home is the picture perfect Thanksgiving home. The only thing that has changed since I was a kid is the amount of booze and the number of kids. Both seem to increase with every passing year. This year we were suprised to find the old 13" color Zenith TV was replaced with a new 20in flatscreen. That would be a picture gain of seven inches.

My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is go into the small boiler pot on the back of the stove and steal away the turkey heart and livers. I don't like the gizzards and neck. Too tough to eat. The heart is just right and I enjoy eating it and hearing it snap in my mouth. The livers are too delicious to even talk about when you flake them with a fork and then blend into the stuffing. Not the leftover stuffing in the corningware....the carcass stuffing. I ate frivolously. Figure I went to the gym 13 of 15 days there I can stuff myself at 2 in the afternoon. Of course all the adults sat at the big long table and the kids sat in TV room. The kids sneak cookies all night and jewelled wine carafes continue to be refilled. Great family time. Casey was just perfect. I think most of my relatives like to rag it up a bit and talk about health care policy and Pawlenty's unallottments and how if you work in Ramsey county it's like working for LaFamilia. I tend to be quiet during these times partially to just absorb in the family time and interact with the kids and partially because the night before is usually a rock show night.

...and what a night it was. Jeff Austin actually texted me that he would be in town and had his mando and wanted to sit in. Pretty much was more icing on 2009 as a landmark year. Great to play with GJ again and have a nice house and lotsa family there. Good energy. Probably too much tequila.

Hangover plus turkey livers, gravy and mashed potato equals nigh night time.

Tomorrow gym and work hard.

Another day in Paradise.