Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night was a success but unfortunately Kristi couldn't make it out because a virus got her. She's feelin better today.

Ended up at Tim's for a bit after the show checking on the Minnesota Beatle Project CD. Great tracks and really amazing it all came together. Mark is a pro-coordinator. Lucy Michelle and the Lapels are my favorite track. She kills Sexy Sadie from The White Album. The Solid Gold "Norweigian Wood" track is also fantastic.

The Dean Benefit was a huge succeses. We raised just shy of 6K. It was a fun show all around. Alpha Consumer is another fine example of the talent in Minneapolis. Awesome. Dean's son Duggan got on stage and said hi from Dean. Lots of his cd's got sold too.

This morning woke up early and met Mark and Tim at Anthem Mastering in St. Paul.

Otherwise quiet day at home.