Monday, March 1, 2010


Enjoying this journey while it lasts...

March came in like a lamb today. Very nice day. Woke up and headed straight to the gym for some hardcore cardio. Casey stayed with Yolanda and her crew. After the cardio, I picked him up and he was with Juan, one of Yolanda's staff. When I had dropped off Casey earlier, the nursery was jam packed with kids so I said, 'You guys need a tip jar here, you do quite a bit of work for people". He said he was paid enough and that this gives him a deeper appreciation for what his mother and father had to endure. Wow.

Casey and I then drove to Coastal Seafoods as it's Monday and Monday is usually fish of some sort day. Today I got talked (easily) into the Chilean Sea Bass as it was on sale.

On Saturday there was a huge earthquake in Chile. My parents were vacationing in Hawaii and were supposed to leave that night. The news said that a huge 15 foot Tsunami was going to hit. My parents and the Hawaians got evacuated to higher ground. All these people up on the cliffs loooking down at the destruction abouto happen. All the news stations had reporters on site to witness the devestation that was about to happne. FOX just hoping and praying there are casualities so their ratings go up and more people tune in. Salavating over some peril.

Couple foot swell. Hawaiians surfing out there as FOX reported the killer Tsunami approaching. Dude, these are gonna be some gnarly waves.

Ridiculous, but at least we know that if it ever did happen we are really prepared right? Eh. The way things are going in catastrophic world disaster department these days, maybe it's well off we did have a test run in Hawaii, while my parents were on vacation. I wonder what they were thinking on higher ground?

So Chilean Sea Bass it was and I soon found out from the fishguy it's one of the fattiest fishes in all the land. It's so fat that you don't need any oil. Just throw it in the oven pretty much. Fish is good. Eat more fish. Ya.

Judge Judy is on here, so I will run. I leave on the classical station all day until 4pm. Then we watch Judge Judy. She is the boss.

Tomorrow is ARRM Day at the Capitol. I'm thinking of bringing Casey to meet with our legislators. Just put him face foward in the baby bjorn. Maybe he'll learn to shake hands.