Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last night Talia, Casey, Kristi and I went to Khan's Mongolian BBQ to celebrate Talia's 10th birthday. 10 is a extra special birthday because you are in to double figures. Next special birthday is 13 for Talia. Emma will be driving me around, figuring out how to use a vehicle.

I was thinking the other day about self-absorption. Are all these great tools for connecting to people, online open diaries like blogs, and sharing of information in a split splat second. Are these tools making us more self-absorbed? Immediate gratification. Immediate transfer. Download feels good doesn't it. When it's done and that little alarm goes off.

I'm starting to recognize Chopin all the time. I'll look up from the computer and yep, Chopin. I've learned Alfred Brendel is a Beethoven master and Artur Rubenstein is the man for Cho-pan.

The gym is going good so blogs are dropping.

Back to self-absorption. This is something that over the years I have wrestled with in my head. It think it's helpful to go back and pay attention to what your close friends over the years say about yourself. Some people think critical self examination only distracts you. Maybe it's more of a process upgrade. I always like the correlations between computers and human beings. How's your hard drive? How much RAM do you have left? You seem to be experiencing a system error.

Just to be a little self absorbed for a minute... I have a lyric in one of my tuns that goes: "I got a virus that's eating a file".

Thank you for tolerating that moment of self indulgent self absorption.

I used to be more aware of this and therefore really "tried" not to appear self indulgent. I think in doing so, I ended up being perceived as more self-indulgent. Because I was quiet, maybe didn't have much of an opinion either way about things. But it's fine to have an opinion. It's good if you like who you are and what you have to say. You only grow and become a better person from the experiences.

Overly self indulgent in your self awareness are you?

Tonight is the return of Dead Night at the Suburban World Theatre. Looking forward to seeing my friends on stage and having the time of their lives. Thinking about it a little more I think Tuesday is the better night with all the music out there to support in town.

Casey is waking up from nap. We're heading to the YMCA.

Enough about me and my self indulgent, self centered behavior. Maybe to counteract this illness I will need to step up energy towards services to others.

Either way it's self indulgent.