Monday, March 8, 2010


Today is fish day at Coastal Seafoods. Getting in the habit of going to the gym on Monday's and then stopping at Coastal for the special of the day. Today it's Opah or walleye. I think one of each.

Had a great weekend. The Tunes and Toons show on Sunday was really fun. Emma had her piano recital on Sunday and did a great job. We had a nice turnout Friday for the GJ show. Everyone played great and AbGruv made some jing back on the equipment they lost in a roll over accident about a month ago.

Getting taxes done today. It will be good to finally get that over with. Checking over all expenses in 2009....reviewing bank statements. I used to not really like this but in recent years I've found it's best to be tidy and neat about your finances. So did my trip to LA with Kristi qualify as an expense because I played at the House of Blues?

The three of us went over to my parents for breakfast on Saturday. Was good to see them back from Kauai.

Other than that, I have to get a lot of work done this week on top of five days of YMCA. So best get to it.

Time to tidy up.