Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey look at me not blogging.

Isn't funny how you start something thinking it's gonna be great...winds up being almost therapeutic, then you get bored with it? Blogging and going to the gym are two things you should do routinely and often, even though it's work.

Going to Day 3 at Ymca today. Casey and I are motivated again and coincidentally back to the blog. More exercise=more blogging. I see.

In the last few weeks a few things have happened. Emma and Talia both had birthdays. Casey reached 5+ months and can now sit up and roll over a bit. My parents are in Hawaii for their annual Feb. escape. Jealous.

Nick and I have been doing the brunchtime sets at the Suburban World Theatre in Uptown. Going really well. People keep comin out and bringing their kids. The kids will dance in the front and run around the theatre. We think they are staring at us and so engulfed in the music but really they are staring at a 15 ft cartoon Bugs Bunny. The huge movie screen shows classic Looney Tunes (these are when cartoons were actually good...Bugs Bunny, WildECoyote, Tom and Jerry' know, not Transforminators or Chuckle Brothers or Rugrats) So, that has been a fun to do. Great bloody mary. Pretty good breakfast (ask for hash well done).

Played a Sir Paul set of music at the Cabooze with Tom Collins, John Heinen, and Mitch singing leads. Really dug the Yesterday and the Band on the Run. Always wanted to play that song. Kudos to all the players who really studied the material.

Finished up an albums worth of material from TC and need to get it downloaded to disc.

Other than that...don't stop till you get enough.