Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today we slept in a little later. I love it when Casey crawls into bed in the morning. He's super active and happy early in the morning. We sometimes pretend my mobile phone is a space ship. He's enamored with gadgets like remote controls and phones.

Today is the last Tunes n Toons show and my girls are comin for the finale. The girls came by yetserday and were supposed to bring Avatar for a rainy day movie, but instead we watched some Charlie n the Choc. Factory. That movie is straight boring and the music is not anywhere near as good as the original with Gene Wilder. The ending is absolutely horrible too. Willy reunited with his Dad the dentist? Bah. The only saving thing about that movie is Depp's performace of Willy. I think it's brilliant.

So winding things down at Suburban World. I'm lookin for a venue to manage by the way. Been having a great time playing with the Dead show on Thursday's too. Looks like that may be moving to the Driftwood Char Bar on 44th and Nicollet.

Had a birthday since last blogging. Now 39 and still self absorbed as ever! This last year in my 30s should be fun. I'm not quite sure anything could top the spectacular year I had in 2009, but we are gonna try. I need to get my MA in Social Work. That is my next challenge.

Wellness has been up and down. Last Thursday I stepped in a hole stumbling home from the SubWorld and wound up spraining my ankle pretty good.

I bought an old weight bench and weights and I have it set up in the backyard now.

Oh yeah...and my friend Mitch came over and we put up a big 6ft privacy fence that blocks out the alleyway and the Domino's pizza sign (when seated). Lotsa seedy drifters pass through that alleyway so it's nice to have some privacy.

Had a great BBQ with friends last weekend.

Guitar lessons are going beautifully. My student is progressing nicely. I could get real used to teaching guitar all the time.

I've been getting in to buying one cigar for Sunday smokin' from the Golden Leaf in Uptown. That humidor is amazing you have to check it out. Probably the biggest humidor I've ever seen.

Now I gotta write a song called humidor.

I will try to keep up with my blog more this week. That is a small goal that can be achieved with little effort. Let's do this!