Monday, November 15, 2010


Mid November 2010. Got our first five inches of snow the other day. They declared a snow emergency and by the third day, the odd side of the street was already melted yet we needed to move our cars so they could plow the dry street.

Still up in the air about politics. Maybe leaving it in the dust. I contacted Farheen Hakeem, the Green Party candidate for Governor in Minnesota, and told her I thought I would be a good ViceGov to her Gov. She wants to meet for coffee. 2012 anyone? I hate the way politics IS right now. The whole thing needs to change. Why do we always go back to the FOUNDING FATHERS way? Do we really admire those founding fathers so much? Egads...they were slave owners, sexists, racists, all white and pompous....

Next week we have Sardine Head from Japan coming to play a show with GJ/Cymatic at the Cabooze. Looking forward to this annual PreTurkey day show we do.

I'm supposed to think about the following questions:

Floating on a raft in the South Pacific, free from danger, with ample provisions (food, h2o, etc) and safe from the elements, I would prefer to be joined by this one (living or not) person, _______________. And during this time of strandedness, I _____________?

Interesting question. If I chose my son, then my wife and daughters get neglected and I would feel like a jerk. Practically would feel like a jerk if I picked one person in favor of all others? Hmm. Will have to think about that more. I'm thinking about "Why it would be wrong to pick one person over someone else?"