Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Casey is beginning to figure out how to grasp things and "feel" things now.

My mind has been in overdrive today. Marie told me that I have been a straight slacker on the blog and at the gym.

Unfortunately she's right. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's mid January and we're in the peak of bleak. Funny, I don't feel bleak.

Quite the contrary actually, I think I feel so good about things in general that I often choose to forget to do that things that help me enjoy this ride a little more. Namely, the gym...the diet.

Also, I just got off a great 2010 trip to Lusten with Casey and Kristi. If we could have just had the girls come along it would have been perfect.

I love bands. Bands have life and dynamic. A band seems like an old fashioned idea. The dynamic that occurs between a few unique individuals representing various tones on a scale and what they are able to collectively join forces in creative process. These days you can make a band in your basement on your laptop with a few tracks. Couple days later you have an album that you played every instrument on and you sang every harmony on and played every bass line. Constructive yes. (this actually may be a worthwhile project....Spend one month in the basement writing an entire album of music playing every part. Seeing what happens. Maybe get people all riled up about the band "CAT BATON". Have it come time for the CD release and it's just me on my computer. Do it.)

Hey it's January in Minnesota. It's time eat hotdish and stay indoors where its warum doncha know.

Had an interesting concept for reducing overtime at our organization. Something about flex schedules.

The girls came over tonight and we had steak fajitas. Man they are getting big. We stopped at the store for sour cream, lettuce, and black olives and they just ran in, got the items and came back to the car. Amazing they grow up and can do that all by themselves. I guess I must be easily amazed.

Without a doubt.