Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

I just returned from a two week vacation and Jani Lane from Warrant dies. So I check out the video "Heaven isn't too far away". I dare any band out there to write a ballad like the hair metal boys used to do.

Spent two nights at the Gorge and had my annual Phish bath. I gotta do it every year. The magic happened second set first night with a Rock n Roll---Meatstick---BoogieOn that I swear, made me leave my body and float over the venue. Thought more about WE and less about I. Amazing band. Must see them once every year. They make all the suffering and crap we go through during a year go all away just for a couple days. Need it once a year.

Also went alone. Kristi spent the week in Denver visiting family. It was great to randomly walk about the grounds running in to all sorts of people. I think that is the way to do it. Phish therapy. Drop everything and go by yourself and see if you can make it through. Open yourself up. Great band. Will always take a live Phish show over anything.

Things are good here at home. I think I'm going to try and blog more. I'm entering a blog/greentea wellness phase again although I really know it's all about just doing it all the time and not getting to caught up about things. Life will take care of itself. Life seems to be half about escaping from "it" and half trying to improve it. Leaning towards improvements these days.

Must get this MA in Couseling done. Really wanna open an online therapy business. 19.95 monthly charge and use me for therapy all you want. Build up a clientele. Dang. Dream it, make it happen.

Some great shows coming up this Wednesday we are doing an outdoor set at the Whiskey porch. SHould be a nice set. Always like facing the skyline of the city and playing songs.