Wednesday, February 23, 2011

These are the Times

Great social change can happen quickly with the right tools and people who are motivated for change. Wisconsin is fighting the Govenor. Egypt is in transition. Lybian Air Force Pilots were ordered to shoot civilians who captured the city of Bengali...the pilots ejected themselves and crash the warplanes. A really nice wealthy couple were sailing around the world and ended up sailing into Somali waters where they were confronted by pirates and killed. What are the pirates doing there?

Also in Minnesota we are fighting to preserve the 4.5percent cuts to disability services. We have a GOP Rep on our side:


Thank you, Rep. Lohmer, for supporting people with disabilities and the elderly
Below is text from Rep. Kathy Lohmer’s (56A) update sent to constituents today:

“As I speak more with members of our community, I would like to take a quick moment and share a few more of my thoughts on Governor Dayton’s budget proposal. Governor Dayton’s budget contained deep and lasting cuts to the disabled and the elderly in our community. Balancing the budget by reducing benefits for those in our community who are disabled and elderly is consistent with my belief that we must stand with those in our community who are most vulnerable. Governor Dayton has said this week, that if the Feb. forecast shows the state’s economy in a better place than Governor Dayton had projected then he would try and reduce the deep cuts he made to the disabled and elderly in the Health and Human Services portion of his proposal. While the effort to take the cuts back is appreciated, the sheer fact that Governor Dayton’s first, quickest and deepest cut in his budget was to the most vulnerable in our community shows that his priorities do not reflect on the understanding of those ne

WE are in the times right now.

Gonzo journalists prank called the Governor of Wisconsin pretending to be one of the Koch brothers who are fixed on breakin up Unions in order to create an even wider gap between the super wealthy and the super poor.

This type of civil unrest will only increase in the months to come. It's an exciting time to be a person of the planet Earth.