Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Have been going on a weight loss wellness kick again. I actually quit drinking. Wow. I haven't had alcohol since May 30. Trying to hit the gym daily. Exercise seems to be the only way to have enough energy for the world at the moment.

We avoided the financial economical meltdown up until now. It's starting to catch up with us. We're understanding the word "scrimp" a little more. Been wondering about getting rid of cable and smartphones and going with only internet access and phones that can text (I really don't like talking on the phone by the way...never have, peoples voices and inflections bug me sometimes. I need to learn to not let things bug me. But things will bug you, how you choose to react to the bugging is the answer.

I do enjoy working from home on Monday's and Tuesday's and I'm grateful my employer is flexible. Casey and I usually get up, have breakfast, take a morning 30 minute nap and head to Yolanda at the Blaisdell YMCA.

Lately World Cup Soccer has been on. This is the first year I'm more into the games. Really hoping it's The Dutch vs. The Deutch. It's so easly to rip out an hour on the treadmill when you are watching soccer. You see all those players running like mad. How can you sit on a couch and watch it?

Louis CK is truly hilarious and one of my favorite comics at the moment. Last night he was talking about how he owns an Infinity and every day kids die because he chooses to drive his infinity and not a Ford Focus or something. "Every day I could trade in my Infinity, get 20K back and send it to Africa to feed thousands of kids that would otherwise die"...."and every day I choose the Infinity".

Life is good. Things are motoring along. I like my Thursday night gig with the Saints. No drama. Great friends just playing. I thought not drinking would be a problem but it really hasn't been. I sit back and watch people who are tipsy say the dumb things I would say if I were tipsy. I don't judge. I understand why people need to get bent once in a while. Can't blame em' really.

I think what's going to happen eventually is people will lose interest in the internet and being connected and open all the dang time. I think we are going to see kids who refuse the internet, shun Facebook, hate being "plugged in"....a revolt from all the social media out there... hmm.

What if the rest of our lives we went back to rotary phones, radio, books, outdoors...just give it all up. Seriously, do I really need to watch another episode of LouisCK on cable channel 50 on Comcast for $149.00 a month that bundle and pay?

I don't have an Infinity, but I do have a Comcast bundle package.

How many starving children die because I chose to have premium cable everyday?